Connecting Pets and Owners in a Digital Community

About the Client

Goobr is a trailblazing social networking app dedicated to pets and their owners that facilitates the creation of pet social profiles, enabling them to connect with other pets and their owners. Developed by Cubix, Goobr has revolutionized how pet owners share care, grooming tips, and more, enriching the social lives of pets and their owners alike.

Location: Germany


Our Challenge

Cubix faced the challenge of realizing Goobr’s vision of an engaging, interactive space for pets and their owners, with pet profiles, messaging systems, and AR integrations in it.

Blending Design with Functionality

Cubix’s strategy integrated design and practicality, focusing on a user-friendly interface that would resonate with pet owners and their companions

  • UX/UI Design: Intuitive and appealing designs for easy interaction.

  • Creative Content: Engaging content for pet profiles and interactions.

  • Aligning Objectives: Design and features aligning with Goobr's goals.

  • Interactive Visuals: Implementing AR for a dynamic user experience.

Adaptable Design and AR Features

Creating a design that was versatile, accommodating various user preferences. Enhancing user interaction and enjoyment with unique, pet-centric animations and AR filters

Fostering a Digital Community for Pets and Owners

Goobr emerges as a trailblazing app in the world of social networking, exclusively designed for pets and their owners. This innovative platform allows for the creation and management of pet profiles, paving the way for pets and their owners to connect and share their experiences.

The design and development of Goobr by Cubix involve a blend of creativity and technical expertise. The team, focusing on the unique requirements of a pet-oriented social network, brings together diverse skills to create an app that is not only visually appealing but also functionally robust, ensuring a seamless experience for pet owners and their furry friends.

Project Results

  • Connecting pet owners and creating a thriving digital pet community

  • Evolving the app with new features to attract and retain users

  • Merging innovative technology with a passion for pets

  • Through interactive features and AR enhancements

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