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About the App

HicTic is an innovative advertisement platform that offers brands an engaging alternative to promote products and services. By leveraging the mobile interface, franchises can launch interactive campaigns featuring gameplay rewards to captivate target audiences.

Location: Berlin, Germany


Our Challenge

Cubix's Challenge was to transform brand marketing with an interactive mobile platform to empower businesses in launching innovative promotions.

Empowering Engagement through Novel Interactions

Cubix's approach to designing the HicTic app revolves around incentivizing exploration and participation. Key features include:

  • Profile Creation: Personalized accounts enable rewards redemption.

  • Notification Subscriptions: Alerts keep members updated on deals.

  • Intuitive Search Filters: Save time with convenient browsing.

  • Reward Configuration: Set prizes to maximize interaction.

Rewards to Drive User Engagement

Cubix empowered Hectic to drive engagement with interactive games and attractive prizes, fostering participation and spreading brand messaging effectively.

Ultimate App for Interactive Brand Building

HicTic delivers an innovative alternative to traditional advertising by marrying promotional campaigns with gamified rewards. Interactive mini-games reward players with coupons or cashbacks redeemable with friends, driving engagement for brands. Seeking to revolutionize marketing, HicTic owners approached Cubix with their vision.

Our experts crafted an integrated platform streamlining administrative workflows while comprehensively addressing health assurances amid new realities. Intuitive interfaces unlocked remote productivity for all stakeholders. At Cubix, we remain committed to progress through purposeful technologies. HicTic signifies collaborating to empower businesses adapting strategically through thoughtful solutions.

Project Results

  • Enhanced customer engagement through rewarding campaigns

  • Over 500% growth in user base within the first 6 months of launch

  • Average time spent on the app exceeded industry benchmarks

  • Strong customer retention indicated by high campaign participation rates

  • Successful monetization through in-app purchase of bonus rewards

  • Actionable insights for advertisers from embedded analytics dashboard

  • Widespread appreciation from clients for quantifiable marketing ROI

  • Industry recognition through multiple award nominations for innovation

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