Hoops By Tissot

Run till you make it through valley of dungeons - relentlessly.


Tissot is a brand that needs no introduction. When it comes to wrist watches, the brand has a class of its own that no other brand can match but this time, this billion dollar brand wanted to fuse technology with branding for their marketing and guess what? This project was awarded to Cubix.
Hoop by Tissot is a mobile game developed for basketball enthusiasts and the game proved to be a smashing hot among the customer base of Tissot. Including the watchmaker’s branding strategy, the game featured various models of sports watches from the collection of Tissot and the best part is, with an extremely well designed gameplay, people loved both, the game as well as the marketing strategy.

Stepping Up The Game

If you are a pro at playing basketball, the bad news for you is the game has multiple levels that are enough to test your hooping skills to the maximum. Eventually, you will become a more proficient player in the real game play too.


Be a Challenger

The gameplay has a punch of wind that needs you to take hoop shots against the wind. Woah that's difficult? This is the actual fun side. You will be a challenger and it will be a real rage to win from the other tough competitor.

Intriguing Gameplay

Hoops boasts a highly engaging gameplay powered by sunning visuals.

Compare Your Flare

You can always look up to the other competitors in the game and with the comparison on board, you can always rectify your mistakes by looking at the skills of your rivals. You can always check the leaderboard that will entice you to give your best shots in the game.


Branding On The Go

With an engaging user interface and a well designed gameplay, all that Tissot needed was its branding and here you go. Players are awarded watches for their performance and by this way, the product marketing and brand recalling strategy works on-point!

Hooping into Social Media

The gameplay entices you to share your scores among your friends so that more people can have a look at your amazing skills. You can always share your awarded watches too that helps in gaining the positive words of mouth for the game. Happy Hooping guys!