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For Basketball lovers, Tissot presents Hoops. A game with a mix of simulation and arcade genre that keeps a perfect balance between game-play and branding. A smart and engaging platform to reap business from the target users.

With this game Tissot capitalized on the opportunity to connect with its real and potential users. Keeping just perfect balance of gameplay and branding, Hoops is a game based on Arcade and Time Smasher. Adapt the right skill and master the art of hoops.

Hoops Game Features

With Hoops' amazing and cool features, users get to choose their favorite environment to play ball with scaling difficulty of wind.

Tissot high score screens


Where would you like to play ball? Choose your environment!


Can you survive the wind? Find the right angle!

Hoops on Fire

Are you on fire? The hoop will be!

Time Smasher

Score as many balls before the given time runs out. Get 5 seconds for each hoop.


Play as long as balls are correctly potted in the hoop and boost up score.


Level up and get rewarded with trophies!

Hoops by Tissot Wind Difficulty


Hoops by Tissot is fun packed game, with Arcade and Time Smasher modes. It’s seamless gameplay and animation thrills players to score hoops to their best skill and score high to unlock rewards.

With hoops, Tissot is providing not only a fun game to play with varied environments but also using mobile platform for its branding. Keeping products as trophies and video rewards, it instigates users to make an action towards the brand.

Hoops by Tissot Gameplay

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Our creative designers have created wonders. Let's have a look.

Hoops by Tissot Challenges

The Challenge

The greatest issue we faced was that there were other competitors in the market. Hoops – by Tissot demonstrated had to stand out both creatively and technically from 3D games available on App Stores. Our capabilities may helped the client in producing a single-user of any nature including adventure game, educational/ learning games, simulation, sports games, role-playing game, puzzle, card game etc. On top of that, we know how to fuse different game concepts to create a unique and engaging experience for players.


Hoops was developed on the both iOS and Android platforms. The game is live on both App Store and Play Store.

  • Android
  • iOS


The focused efforts and diligent work produced the mobile basketball simulation game named Hoops – by Tissot, a fun and addictive basketball game for Android and iOS platform, that effectively incorporate Tissot’s branding into the game environment.

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