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Horof is an e-learning platform that makes accessibility to tutors and online courses convenient. A student from any part of the globe can benefit from invaluable knowledge thanks to adept tutors Horof offers. Whether it's math homework bothering you or someone who wants to learn how to code, Horof has everyone covered. This platform has changed the way students learn today.

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A Platform with Limitless Learning Resources

Horof offers various different courses taught by experienced instructors. Whether your subject is general science or jurisprudence, distinguished teachers are just a click away.

Students from anywhere around the world can leverage the expertise Horof has to offer as it is available 24 hours a day. Use the quick search feature to select a course to enroll in and benefit from personalized lessons. Horof is convenient to use and easy on your wallet as prices start from just 1 SAR/min.

Teaching with Horof

You can also leverage Horof for financial gains by joining as a tutor and making up to 10,000 SAR per month. All you need is access to the internet and a computer. Pick a subject of your choice and share your wealth of knowledge with your students. Horof guarantees a secure channel of payment to its tutors with weekly payments.


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Bringing Horof to Realization

The clients approached Cubix with their idea, and when they ascertained our level of competence, they decided to work with us immediately. The developers and designers brainstormed and came up with the layout of the design and the technologies required to develop the software. The client's consent was essential to our team, so they were well-informed at every stage of the development process via instant communication tools, documentation, and presentations.

Current Status

Horof is a work in progress and is soon to be launched to its maximum capacity. The team is working efficiently with a strict deadline in mind and is likely to reach its targets within the project’s deadline.