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Toward a safe working environment for all production staff

The HotSet app aids production houses with managing staff on set, including assigning tasks, secure in-app communication, and document management, apart from streamlined administration-level control. A significant part of this app’s features includes ensuring a safe working environment for all filming and production staff.

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Challenges for Actors and Production Staff

Similar to many other working environments where people are in close proximity, actors on-set find it difficult to avoid standing apart especially since acting is a collaborative work scenario. However, during the pandemic, this was a threat to everyone’s well-being.

HotSet owners approached Cubix with their need to build a solution that could help them carry on with their work. However, the app process would need to be convenient and one that would make participants feel safe.

The app owners had a vague idea about how this could work, but needed expertise that could design a system that would allow people to work together and ensure that everyone was safe, tested, and tracked regularly through a reliable system.

Covid Safety and Preventative App Solution

Cubix accepted the challenge to build a solution to ensure uninterrupted work on production sets where actors could collaborate safely.

The app design comprises a system where individuals can be tracked in terms of their health condition and vaccination. There is also a process for pre-employment screening documentation, which is handled a safe and secure way. The solution includes digital check-ins and other production-specific features that ensure the safety and well-being of everyone.

The HotSet app also accommodates the role of a Health Safety Officer on site, to whom the admin can assign role privileges that would allow the individual to perform specific duties and upload results directly to the app. Moreover, anonymous communication with them ensures safety in case there are valid concerns.

Moreover, there are additional features such as digital documentation, virtual check-ins and check-outs, work duration tracking, and also contactless item assignment options for things like wardrobe and props.

The Admin roles can verify documents through the app and communicate directly with cast and crew as needed. There isn’t any need for exchange of personal information during these communications, such as cell phone numbers.

Effective work administration coupled with health condition tracking and vaccination.

HotSet’s Success in a Challenging World

Hotset is now a production center’s one-stop-shop for filming in a new pandemic-stricken world. You can use the app to forward any requested screening documentations and keep track of your collected data securely and privately with HIPAA compliant protocols.