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About the Client

Likehoop redefines social media for iOS users by offering a platform focused on discovery and sharing of daily social tasks. It stands out with its visually engaging interface and interactive features, allowing users to manage and share photos, activities, and trends effortlessly.

Location: Sweden


Our Challenge

Creating a vibrant and user-friendly social media platform that revolutionizes how creativity is shared and discovered, fostering unique connections among users.

Innovating Social Engagement with Likehoop

Likehoop reimagines social networking, offering a platform where creativity knows no bounds. It's designed to captivate and connect users by:

  • Trend Discovery Through Hoops: Jump into the latest social waves.

  • Profile Customization: Tailor your space with music and visuals.

  • Instant Media Sharing: Capture and share moments with ease.

  • Content Filters: Bring your photos to life with unique filters.

Crafting Connections, Inspiring Creativity

With an emphasis on simplicity and innovation, Likehoop brings an engaging way for users to express themselves and engage with content, backed by a suite of creative tools that enhance every post.

A New Era of Social Connectivity

Cubix has skillfully developed Likehoop to be more than just a social media app—it's a community where users can freely express their creativity and passions. Through innovative features like Hoops for discovering trends, customizable profiles with music, and one-tap media sharing, Likehoop stands as an app for creative freedom and social interaction.

This success is a testament to Cubix's expertise in crafting digital solutions that resonate with users' desires for a more engaging, personalized social media experience. By focusing on intuitive design and user empowerment, Cubix has ensured that Likehoop is not only a platform for sharing but also a space where creativity is celebrated, making it an essential app for anyone looking to enhance their social media presence.

Project Results

  • Achieved 10,000 downloads in the first three months.

  • User content creation increased by 40% month-over-month.

  • Significant user engagement with the Hoops feature.

  • Positive user feedback on profile customization options.

  • High retention rate with daily active app users.

  • Increased social sharing and community building.

  • Expanded user base through organic and viral growth.

  • Recognized for innovative social media app design.

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