Maze Action Gaming with Social Layer

About the Game

Likeman is a game designed based on Pacman that allows players to compete in maze-based levels while incorporating social sharing aspects. Players navigate through mazes, consuming items, avoiding or defeating enemies to collect points and 'Likes' that can be shared socially.

Location: France

Our Challenge

The challenge was to develop Likeman with seamless gameplay, balancing retro aesthetics with social features, ensuring stable performance across platforms/devices.

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Cubix collaborates closely with stakeholders, gathering insights and feedback to shape the game's unique features, including a diverse range of avatars and innovative gameplay mechanics.

Simplifying Your Gaming Experience with Every Tap

Likeman's interface focuses on combining classic elements of maze action gaming with contemporary features of social sharing. Key features include:

  • Instant Access to Maps: Navigate diverse mazes and levels

  • Power-Ups Galore: Special abilities aid runs, scoring and sharing.

  • Compete & Flourish: Strive for high scores on local-global charts.

  • Connect & Celebrate: Bond socially by exchanging triumphs.

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