A classic side-scrolling runner game played with NFTs

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MicroPets is an NFT game based on a P2E model based on blockchain technology.

Players will earn as they play this fun-filled and motivating game, wherein tokens, coins, and power-ups ensure fun-filled entertainment and earning opportunities. The game is envisioned for both, the Android and iOS, and is part of a wider plan to extend action into the metaverse.

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MicroPets’ Game Idea

MicroPets Runner is a classic side-scrolling runner wherein game users will proceed with their game character (a MicroPets NFT product) picking up coins (to earn rewards) on their way past monsters and obstacles as they advance along a map.

Users will also grab power-ups that enhance their earning power that can save their lives. This game is based on a P2E model, and players will earn as they play a fun-filled and motivating game. MicroPets is a game envisioned for both, the Android and iOS, and is part of a wider plan to extend action into the metaverse.

MicroPets was in search of a capable developer to build its game to perfection.

MicroPets’ Game Development Partner

Based on its Binance Smart Chain, MicroPets’ wanted a partner capable of building this game for a competitive market comprising play-to-earn games. And with many of the stakeholders and product strategists at Cubix being P2E game enthusiasts themselves, this said a lot about their expertise and ability to critique games as a preferred choice as a development partner.

MicoPets needed to have this game built by an expert with a track record of working with blockchain and NFT technologies. After reviewing dozens of companies, MicroPets believed Cubix was the partner fully capable of building a premium game developer with a professional approach.

MicroPets and Cubix were both pleased to announce their partnership. According to MicroPets, Cubix was naturally a good fit for this project because of its expertise in blockchain development.

Make progress along a trail as you grab power-ups that enhance your earning power.

Development & Launch

There are several game development companies engaged in building the next best game. And with mobile gaming being a growing industry that has millions riveted playing one game or another, the quicker the product is launched, the better it would. Among these are P2E games or play-to-earn games that allow you to spend time building up revenue as you play.

It’s worth mentioning that a farming system is also being developed alongside the mobile game. Even more significant than this is the team’s plan to expand the concept into the Metaverse in 2022, which would give MicroPets massive potential.

Current Status

The MicroPets game is currently under development, with scheduled testing already taking place in Q4 2021. The release date is expected to be around early Q1 2022.