A New Dimension in Play-to-Earn NFT Gaming

About the Game

MicroPets introduces an exhilarating play-to-earn adventure in the realm of NFTs. Set in a vibrant, 2D endless runner world, players engage with adorable pet characters, navigating through challenging obstacles and collecting rewards. Utilizing Unity and blockchain technology, MicroPets offers a compelling combination of engaging gameplay.

Location: Netherlands


A Vibrant Adventure with Adorable NFT Pets

Step into the delightful world of MicroPets, where charming NFT pets lead you on a thrilling adventure. Navigate through vibrant landscapes, dodging obstacles and collecting tokens for rewards.

Interactive NFT Ecosystem and Engaging Runner Mechanics

More than just a runner game, MicroPets offers a rich NFT ecosystem. Breed, train, and evolve your pets while mastering challenging game mechanics.

Revolutionizing Play-to-Earn gaming with NFT Integration

MicroPets stands out as a pioneer in the play-to-earn genre, integrating NFTs seamlessly into gameplay. Dive into a world where gaming meets digital asset ownership and earnings.

Cubix joins hands with MicroPets to craft a unique NFT-based gaming experience, fusing the charm of virtual pets with the ingenuity of blockchain technology.

Charm, Challenge and Cheer in the World of MicroPets

MicroPets is a delightful fusion of fun and strategy. Key features include:

  • Captivating 2D Endless Runner Gameplay

  • Diverse NFT Pet Collection and Trading

  • Rewarding Play-to-Earn Mechanics

  • Dynamic Obstacle Courses and Challenges

  • User-Friendly Interface for Broad Accessibility

  • Regular Updates and Community Events

  • In-Game Token Earnings and Economy

  • Expansion into the Metaverse and Beyond

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