Fueling Digital Transformation in the Oil Industry

About the Client

OOMCO, Oman’s leading oil marketing and distribution company, provides a wide range of services, including retail, direct sales to the government and commercial sectors, and lubricant products. They approached Cubix to develop an innovative app, OOMCO World, to enhance their digital presence and customer interaction

Location: Oman


Our Challenge

Cubix’s task was to transform OOMCO’s traditional service model into a modern, digital-first approach. The challenge was integrating various services into one seamless app

Elevating OOMCO’s Service Delivery through Design

Cubix’s strategy centered on a user-friendly design that facilitated easy access to OOMCO’s services

  • Creating an intuitive interface for hassle-free user navigation

  • Ensuring a coherent look and feel across the app

  • Presenting information in an easily digestible format

Revolutionizing Oil Service Digitalization

OOMCO World exemplifies digital innovation in the oil industry, seamlessly integrating Cubix's design expertise to create a user-friendly, comprehensive app for fuel and lubricant services

Digitizing the Oil Industry

OOMCO World, Oman’s leading oil marketing app, developed by Cubix, simplifies fuel and lubricant services. The app provides a seamless digital experience for finding gas stations, managing payments, and accessing loyalty programs, revolutionizing customer interaction in the oil industry.

Cubix's technological expertise is evident in OOMCO World’s interface, reflecting a commitment to user-friendly digital solutions. This partnership ensures that OOMCO remains a pioneer in digitizing the oil marketing industry, setting new standards in customer experience.

Our collaboration focuses on blending OOMCO’s industry knowledge with Cubix’s digital acumen, enhancing every aspect of the fuel service experience. From station discovery to payment processing

Project Challenges

Developing OOMCO World involved transforming traditional oil services into a user-centric digital platform. The challenge lay in integrating diverse functionalities like station locating, payment processing, and loyalty management into one seamless, intuitive app.

Cubix addressed these challenges by creating a unified app with user-friendly navigation and comprehensive features. This approach led to the successful integration of services like the Virtual Basma Card and loyalty points system, enhancing the user experience.

The collaboration resulted in OOMCO World, a landmark digital platform in the oil industry. Cubix's input was crucial in exceeding user expectations, establishing OOMCO World as a benchmark for digital innovation in oil marketing and distribution services

Project Results

  • Unified Digital Platform for All Services

  • Enhanced Customer Engagement with Loyalty Features

  • Improved Operational Efficiency through Digital Solutions

  • Seamless and Intuitive User Interface

  • Consistent Updates and Enhancements Based on Feedback

  • Streamlined Fuel and Lubricant Service Access

  • Integrated Customer Service and Payment Features

  • Advanced Data Visualization for User Convenience

What Clients Says.


Hamed Al Zadjal

Digital Manager

"The engagement met the expectations of the internal team. Cubix successfully worked within the robust scope, often going above and beyond to ensure client satisfaction. The team provides clients with a high level of support while still working quickly and creatively."


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