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Party Hard with PartyShark!

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The PartyShark app is an ideal party solution built for young partygoers comprising the very best features that allow youngsters to maximize enjoyment.

PartyShark permits party lovers to organize house parties and enables young partygoers to find party locations. In addition, this house party app provides convenient access to various vendors (DJs, bouncers, food trucks, and more).

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PartyShark helps people easily find and navigate to a location on the map while the host can organize Private and Public parties. This app connects partiers, i.e., staff/vendors, guests, influencers, and more.

This application is built to create a social sharing community where guests can invite or bring their pals (via the app). Therefore, partygoers are encouraged to request an invitation. Moreover, these parties are pay-to-enter based (with a cover charge) and require tickets (via a QR code) for entry. The app creates and reads QR codes to authenticate entries.

PartyShark has a simple and user-friendly app interface that allows users to set a time and place to host a party while setting an age limit, specifying the number of party joiners (along with male and female specified ratios). The host can also waive the cover charges for special guests or influencers.

In addition, the app allows partygoers to rate the entire party event (hosts, staff/vendors, etc.), which allows partiers to accumulate the status in the app. The influencers can join the party with an immediate status too.

PartyShark ensures you have all the fun!

How Cubix Built PartyShark

Cubix understands all the intricacies of the software development process, and therefore, the team added all the future-proven solutions that added significant value to the PartyShark project.

The team was aligned with the PartyShark app vision, which adheres to solving the pain youngsters (in the 19-29 age group) feel when searching for parties near their location.

To deliver a viable solution, Cubix leveraged a popular framework– React Native – that served as the basis for building the app on both platforms (Android and iOS).

Your go-to party app to organize fun-filled gatherings whenever you want. Install, access, and search your nearby party locations with much more app-provided solutions.

Project Insight

Admin Panel

PartyShark also has an admin panel that allows the administration to move people within different statuses (if required). However, a host/party will be promoted to the rank of Great White Shark through the administration. The admin view interface allows quick party and user status management.

Party Types

Private party – Invite only list, invite + friends, or invite + friends with an open invitation can join the private party.


This feature allows any user to create his/her own organization. The owner/admin of the organization has the right to add or remove a person, and the owner can create a party for their members.

Payment Option

PartyShark is integrated with a payment feature, offering payment convenience within the app. The payment options support credit cards and banking information to help transact the cover charges, quick vendor payouts, tips, etc. The payment options are integrated to support seamless and secure transactions

What Solutions Does Partyshark Offer?

  • Access to nearby party locations (via map)
  • Admin panel
  • Ratings
  • Status
  • Party invitations
  • Payment options
  • Party type
  • Theme
  • QR code

Project Status

The PartyShark project is currently going through the final testing process. It will be launched in Q4 of 2022.