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It’s about 2Ps – Being Productive and Positive at Work!

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Pauseitive is an organizational management system designed and built to manage time and organizational workflows efficiently. The aim is to provide better work-life balance that improve mental health and office operations.

Pauseitive is a free-to-download app for professionals. It offers guidelines to new users to create their accounts seamlessly. However, the free app requires in-app purchases and/or subscriptions to enable users to access its more significant features.

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The management system is built to determine a working person's performance and workflow activities to help establish and manage his or her career path with high motivation, successful outcomes, goal accomplishments, and emotion management at the workplace.

Quality Aspects of Organizational Work Management

Cubix has built and deployed hundreds of projects over the last 14+ years, leaving a trail of satisfied clients behind who enjoy significant revenues from their projects. Moreover, our partners express pleasure and gratitude for choosing us as their collaborators for their software development.

As Cubix welcomes global projects of all sizes, the company was keen to build Pauseitive. This would be a valuable project that could harness organizational workflow to build value and ensure better employee engagement.

Team Cubix analyzed the project idea and gave it a kick-start using cutting-edge technologies, which include Kotlin for Android, Swift for iOS and NodeJS for backend development.

Maintain Work-Life Balance with Pauseitive Modules

Pauseitive shines the spotlight on facts that help sustain the work-life balance. For example, the app enables users to take some time off from their hectic working hours and consider listening to music, meditation, or other inspirational ideas that motivate them.

Moreover, the user interface design is crafted to help users access the application seamlessly and without hurdles, resulting in a convenient and smooth user experience with high-quality performance.

The application is built keeping in mind the organizational work and time management that allows you to pause from the hustle and bustle of daily work, which usually ends up exhausting employees and, sometimes, the entire workforce.

1: Pauseitive Minute

The Pauseitive Minute module permits users to conveniently purchase a ‘minute subscription’ schedule for live coaching and counseling sessions with a success coach.

2: It’s Due!

This module is designed to help professionals carry out daily tasks and goals as per their choice. Moreover, users can create personalized to-do lists for their workflow activities based on individual or collective team requirements.

3: Pause it!

This module allows users to track real-time spent on activities on a daily basis and encourages users to pause their work and relax with music, meditation, and so many more.

Balance your work and life like a pro because Pauseitive ensures your productivity, workflow activities, and track records of your mental health stability.

Current Status

Cubix has launched the Pauseitive app, which is now available on the App Store and Google Play.


  • Work progress tracking.
  • Balanced scheduled sessions.
  • In-app minute subscription purchases.
  • Employee performance tracking.
  • Improved mental health.
  • Fast goals achievement.
  • Work-life balance.
  • Controlled emotional skills.

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