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About the Client

PeeSpots is an innovative app designed to address the basic human need for clean, accessible restrooms. It serves as a comprehensive guide, showcasing nearby restrooms with user-driven ratings to ensure quality and accessibility. PeeSpots is dedicated to enhancing the public restroom experience nationwide.

Location: New York, United States


Our Challenge

The challenge was to create a user-friendly app that offers detailed information on real-time restroom locators, promotes high standards, and facilitates an improved public restroom experience.

Enhancing Your Restroom Experience

Discover clean restrooms effortlessly with PeeSpots, your ultimate restroom finder. This app ensures you're never caught unprepared, offering:

  • Location-Based Search: Quickly locate restrooms in your vicinity.

  • User-Driven Updates: Rely on real-time updates and ratings from users.\

  • Filter Search Options: Find restrooms that meet your specific needs.

  • Spot Ratings: User ratings for restrooms for quality assurance.

Empowering Users with PeeSpots

PeeSpots, is a cause based app that encourages a community-driven approach to maintaining high restroom standards by empowering individuals to find, rate, and share accessible restroom spots.

Leading the Way in Restroom Discovery

PeeSpots, a pioneering app developed by Cubix, is transforming the search for accessible restrooms. By integrating advanced GPS technology with a user-friendly interface, Cubix has created a platform where finding a clean restroom is simple and stress-free. This app not only addresses a basic human need but also encourages public facilities to maintain high hygiene standards, thanks to user ratings and feedback.

Cubix's dedication to leveraging technology for the betterment of everyday life is evident in PeeSpots' success. The team's commitment to improvement and user satisfaction has resulted in a highly accurate, reliable, and user-centered app. PeeSpots exemplifies how Cubix employs cutting-edge solutions to solve practical problems, making significant contributions to public issues.

Project Results

  • Over 100,000 app downloads within the first six months.

  • 95% accuracy in restroom locations and details.

  • 30% increase in user-generated content monthly.

  • High user engagement with an average of 4.5-star spot ratings.

  • Positive impact on public health and hygiene awareness.

  • Strong community feedback for continuous app improvement.

  • Partnerships with sanitation companies & health organizations.

  • Award-winning app for innovation in public utility services.

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