Qoot – Delivering Delicious Food from Over 1000 Restaurants

Order scrumptious food from hundreds of eateries, cafés, and restaurants. Enjoy street food from
anywhere in the city and devour on delicious meals.

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Food from Across the City

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Hundreds of Restaurants

Your favourite eatery does not deliver? Don’t worry because Qoot has you covered, delivering food from over 1000 restaurants in the city.

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Restaurant Reviews

Rate and review the restaurants and explore reviews by foodies, so you end up having the perfect meal. Order from eateries serving heavenly delicious food.

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Share Food Pictures

Snap your meal and share it with other foodies on the platform. Scroll through hundreds of photos to find your next meal of the day.

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Explore Menu

Confused with your order? Explore menus from hundreds of eateries, check the price list, and explore what your taste buds desire.

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Track Your Order

Know where your rider is via live tracking on the app. Wait no more as Qoot brings you food from across the city.

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Order from Your Neighborhood

Choose your location and explore the eateries in your neighbourhood. Now you don’t have to wait long for your favourite meal.

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Explore New Eateries in Your Neighbourhood

Qoot brings you food from over 1000 restaurants in your neighbourhood and across the city, from eateries, cafés, street restaurants, and more. Enjoy delightful food, explore menus, try new cuisines, and taste food that you haven’t before. A food delivery platform that satisfies your cravings well with a diverse range of meals and deals.

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Track Your Order

The app keeps you updated with your order. Qoot will start your request when you place the order and give it a Pending status. The app changes the status when the order is received by the restaurant, followed by at the confirmation of the order. And know when your order leaves the restaurant and is on the way and get your plates ready.

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Live Driver Tracking

The app doesn’t stop at notifying you when the order is on the way. It lets you track the driver from the restaurant to your address. No more wondering where the food is and know when your driver will reach you. Live tracking is essential when you cannot wait to devour on the scrumptious food or your guests are ready to be served.

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Multiple Payment Options

Choose from a range of payment options via credit cars or pay cash on delivery when the order arrives. An easy to use food delivery app with an intriguing user interface.

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