On-Demand Food Delivery from 1000+ Restaurants

About the App

Qoot is a leading food delivery mobile app developed by Cubix that facilitates ordering from over 1000 restaurants across multiple neighborhoods. With its intuitive interface, users can easily browse menus, track live order status, rate eateries and share food experiences.

The app allows convenient access to an extensive network of restaurants.

Location: Saudi Arabia


Our Challenge

Cubix faced the challenge of developing a sophisticated on-demand food delivery platform for Qoot, connecting users to over 1000 restaurants seamlessly, catering to modern food delivery needs.

Seamless Food Ordering Experience

Qoot streamlined the food delivery process with an intuitive app interface for users to browse restaurants, view menus, and make secure payments within minutes. Key features:

  • Convenient Ordering: Quick search, detailed menus, favorites saving.

  • Real-time Tracking: Order status updates, accurate delivery times.

  • Payment Choices: Secure online payments, cash on delivery.

  • Live Support: Multi-channel assistance for issue resolution.

A Unique Approach to Fulfilling Cravings On the Go

Qoot revolutionized food delivery by allowing users to order mouthwatering meals from over 1000 restaurants within a city through a seamless mobile experience. Whether one wants to indulge in a late night craving or needs a quick meal between meetings, Qoot serves as the perfect solution.

Your Ultimate App for Food Delivery on the Run

Qoot is a leading on-demand food delivery platform developed by Cubix that caters to the evolving needs of modern users. With just a few clicks, users can browse extensive menus, place food orders, track their deliveries and get delicious meals from favorite local eateries.

When Cubix partnered with Qoot, our team of experts worked seamlessly towards crafting an unparalleled platform for food delivery. We incorporated intuitive user interfaces enabling smooth search, menu navigation and live order tracking abilities on the app. Comprehensive testing was performed to ensure a streamlined experience for busy individuals to access delightful meals with ease.

Project Results

  • Increased order volumes with over 500% growth in user base

  • Expanded restaurant partnerships with addition of 300+ new eateries

  • Swift and accurate delivery with an average time of under 30 minutes

  • Expanded across 12 cities due to scalable, on-demand model

  • Convenient and seamless experience encouraged repeat purchases

  • Improved service quality with 90% deliveries within estimated time

  • Positive reviews & ratings validated the focus on customer delight

  • Strengthened market presence and expanded coverage areas

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