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R4 Outdoors is a refreshing app for outdoor adventure sharing. It is simple, lively, and fun to use. R4 Outdoors lets users take full control of how they want to interact, follow and like content of other users, make buddies and much more.

With this app users can not only share their experiences but also upvote others’ experience and make their share photo or video of the day.

R4 Outdoors App Features

A social networking app for people who love adventures and wish to share it with their friends and family

R4 Outdoor Overview

Facebook Connect

Login with Facebook so your friends can be part of the fun and share their adventures.

Photos & Videos

Take a photo or 10 second video – add a #hashtag, place, person, location and date.

Like & Upvote

like photos and videos uploaded by others. Upvote trending photos and videos.


Vote twice a day! At the end of each day, the pic or video of the day is selected as winner.

Make Friends

Make friends, add buddies, have a chat!

Custom Notification

Set a custom notification sound for notifications a special ones for a buddy!

R4 Outdoor Catching Fish

User Experience

For a seamless user experience Cubix’s team made sure that the app flow is easy to use and understand. Easily locate-able information center. Smooth and lag-free media sharing to enhance experience and performance. All in all this app was made after thorough analysis of users’ patterns and expectation when using a social networking app.

R4 Outdoor Features

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The Challenge

The real challenge was getting the design and the layout finalized for the app where our team of designers put heads together to come with a layout that would flow perfectly in the development phase as well. Out team had to design an app that is trendy, appealing and sophisticated enough to offer individuals a simplistic process. After multiple iterations, our creative team was able to achieve the objectives in the most efficient manner.


R4 Outdoor app was developed for the Android and iOS and the web platforms. Top market tools and platforms were used to develop this app.

  • Android


With a great deal of design changes and layout confusions, our team managed to bring all ideas to table to sort things out to make a workable flow following a layout that is not only appealing but also seamless to use.

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