Chase and Conquer in the Maze of Mysteries

About the Game

Relentless pulls players into a labyrinth of adventure, where each step is a race against time in mystic dungeons. This game redefines the adventure genre with an engaging storyline filled with surprises and challenges. Players' mission is to collect clues, navigate through action-packed stages, and unlock the secrets to finding a lost companion.

Location: United Kingdom

Exhilarating Gameplay with Strategic Resources

Navigate through treacherous terrain, avoid crashes, and battle foes while collecting vital resources to decode the whereabouts of our friend.

Unique Interface with Engaging User Interaction

Relentless boasts an intuitive user interface with stunning visuals, special gadgets, enriching the gameplay experience and strategic combat.

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Breath-taking Challenges and Narratives

With every mission, from Collector to Survivor, earn unique titles that reflect your journey and signifies specific skills and game's rich narrative

The partnership between Cubix and Relentless aimed to intertwine strategic gameplay with a compelling narrative, setting a new benchmark in the adventure gaming genre.

The Essence of Adventure in Relentless

"Relentless" captivates with its blend of strategy, adventure, and storytelling. Highlights include:

  • Varied and Challenging Missions

  • Strategic Resource and Tool Management

  • Engaging Combat and Strategic Planning

  • Rich Storyline and Character Development

  • Extensive Customization and Upgrade Options

  • Collection of Unique Titles and Achievements

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