Starting Point

An endless running game but with major twist of difficulties, environment, story line, challenges and game-play on whole. A game where a lazy bone character requires a lot of practice to cross the different stages of this game as the dungeon and Island is full of obstacles and challenges.

Along with these, he needs to collect the missing clues with the help of maps and historic artifacts to find his lost friend. With different missions for runner to complete, each mission will have particular requirements to finish the round. Finish all levels and rescue his lost friend.

Relentless Game Features

Relentless’ features allow players to do more than just endless running. The features of this game makes you fight enemies with the coolest gadgets available.


Hi-Tech Bike

Ride through you enemies on a high-tech bike.

Super JetPack

Flyover your enemies and obstacles when triggered for 30 seconds.

Boosting Injections

Speed through every enemy, phase through the obstacles and the time around is slowed.


Let your enemies face your power with a crush.


Kill your enemies with a strike of Boomerang and kill with a Super Boomerang.


Acquire guns and shoot your enemies on your way.

Relentless Game Character


Avoid crashes, collect resources, fight enemies and make your way safely to your lost friend. You may need to make tools and use resources to decode the plan and estimate whereabouts of kidnapped friend.

Every mission has a requirement to complete. You must collect the necessary resources to make out something that gives the hint of your friend’s location. Use Tools, Resources and Plan as currency to unlock clues. Either collect them by completing each mission or simply buy them from the in-app store.

Relentless Runner Experience

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Relentless Runner Challenge

The Challenge

Making this game was no less than a challenge, creating multitude of environments with abundant elements to compliment the game, the character and gadgets and other aspects of the game. Cubix delivered utmost quality game with a seamless gaming experience and addictive design with a margin to use similar features on other apps or products.


Relentless was developed on the both iOS and Android platforms. The game is live on both App Store and Play Store.

  • Android
  • iOS


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Randi Zuckerberg with Relentless
Randi Zuckerberg and Relentless Promotion Event
Relentless Promotion Event