Empowering Players to Shape a New Civilization

About the Game

Second World: New Era is an immersive, free-to-play mobile game that invites players to embark on a strategic journey of rebuilding civilization, one city at a time, on a real-world-inspired planet Earth.

With captivating gameplay and a competitive edge, players strive to level up on the global leaderboards and earn exclusive rewards.

Location: Spain

An Immersive World Rebuilding Adventure

Embark on a strategic journey with Second World: New Era! Rebuild civilization, manage cities, and compete globally without leaving planet Earth. Rise through eras and earn exclusive rewards in this captivating strategy game.

City-Building and Tactical PvP Combined

Second World merges city construction with thrilling PvP strategy. As you reconstruct cities and manage tactical decks, conquer objectives, and climb leaderboards for prestigious rewards.

P2E Excellence with NFTs and 3D Strategy

Experience unique Play-to-Earn gameplay with NFTs, 3D strategies, and Tokenomics. Second World brings cutting-edge blockchain technology to enhance your gaming adventure.

Cubix and Second World join forces to envision the game's unique PVP and P2E model.

The World-Building Wonder of Second World

Second World boasts captivating artwork by talented creators, immersing players in a visually stunning world. Discover its extraordinary attributes:

  • Intricate Hand-Drawn Artwork

  • Rich and Immersive Lore

  • Dynamic City Evolution

  • Strategic Alliance Building

  • Multi-Era Gameplay

  • Global Leaderboards

  • Rewarding Tactical Decks

  • Real-World-Inspired Environments

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