Safe School Commutes with Smart Stop

About the App

Cubix presents Smart Stop, a revolutionary app designed to secure school children's daily commutes. This innovation redefines parental peace of mind by offering real-time tracking of school buses.

Location: Oklahoma, United States


Our Challenge

The primary challenge for Cubix in designing a user-friendly app was to ensure the safety of children during their school commutes, providing parents with real-time updates and peace of mind.

Pioneering Child Safety Through Innovation

Cubix’s Smart Stop app introduces a seamless blend of safety and technology, advanced features, and instant notifications for a comprehensive child safety solution.

  • Intuitive Tracking: Easily navigates real-time child & bus location.

  • Multi-Child Monitoring: Track multiple children with a single account.

  • Safety Notifications: Alerts for pickups, drop-offs, and bus changes.

  • Real-time Bus Details: Access to driver contact and bus information.

Securing Children & Connected Families

Smart Stop empowers families by offering a secure platform for tracking school commutes and allows them to collaborate closely for children's safety without compromising personal info or privacy.

Guardian of Your Child's Commute

Smart Stop by Cubix is dedicated to transforming the way parents monitor their children’s school commutes. With a focus on security and ease of use, Smart Stop allows parents to track their child's school bus in real time, ensuring their safety from departure to arrival. The app supports multiple profiles for family convenience, simplifies the signup process, and provides essential bus details and live tracking features.

By prioritizing the safety and security of school-going children, Smart Stop addresses parental concerns with a reliable, user-friendly solution. Our commitment to excellence is evident in the meticulous design and development of Smart Stop, reflecting our dedication to making daily commutes safe and stress-free for families worldwide.

Project Results

  • Significant increase in user trust and satisfaction.

  • High adoption rate among target parent demographic.

  • Streamlined communication between parents and schools.

  • Enhanced safety perception for school commutes.

  • Positive feedback loop from user experiences.

  • Robust system reliability in diverse conditions.

  • Expansion in feature set based on user feedback.

  • Notable reduction in parental anxiety regarding commutes.

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