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Social Flock — A social media networking app designed to grow your circle of friends.


Do you miss those memorable moments when you used to hangout with your friends? It’s a yes for sure. Build a community of your friends and share your audios, videos, pictures and lots of other content via Social Flock.
The app is designed to boost your social presence among friends and family. Social Flock is fuelled with vibrant colors, freedom of speech and lots of features. Get this app and never miss the precious moments again.

Content Timeliness

Know what is hot and happening in your circle of friends as they share their favorite pictures, audios, videos and thoughts on their timeline. Like, share or comment on their activity and get engaged with your friends via social networking. The app features liberty of content and you are free to post anything from an audio to your precious thoughts and a big plus is, your friend fraternity is aware of your life via Social flock.


Social Flock

Social Flock – boasts highly engaging user interface powered by beautiful visuals.

Privacy Rules

No one likes absurd or inappropriate content or comments on his timeline and this is why Social Flock protects your faith on privacy. Users can report content that is unsuitable for the masses and it completely depends on every user to pass his judgement via reporting it as bad. Marking a content spam will downgrade the profile affecting the overall reputation of the sharer.


Be a Social Flocker!

Whether it is about sharing links of your favorite music or it is about finding your friends via auto suggestion, Social Flock is always into making your life more happening than ever. Send invitations to your friends to join Social Flock and grow your network to the maximum. When it is about having conversations with friends, the chats just doesn’t end and this why you create a message thread on the app and to talk out loud personally, you can always send direct message to your friends. It’s all about having the time of your life with your friends — Thanks to Social Flock.

Express Yourself

The best thing about friendship is the love hate relationship and Social Flock understands this behaviour pretty good.

Express your views by liking or disliking any of the shared content and furthermore, you can also comment your thoughts on it. From now on, don’t you ever hold back your point of view and talk out loud by expressing yourself — Thanks to Social Flock.