Space Pirates – An Arousing Roleplay Game, Fighting Monsters for Survival

A real-time strategy game where players against the enemies, forging alliances and defeating over 1200 monsters but only the strongest character survives in the battle.

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Exquisite Gameplay, Exciting UI

Explore a virtual world of aliens and humans

Cubix Space Pirates Over 1200 Monsters

Over 1200 Monsters

Exciting and scary monsters throwing thrilling challenges at players, giving a tough fight for survival every second.

Cubix Space Pirates Customized Avatar

Customized Avatar

Space Pirates allows players to customize their avatars. Choose the accessories and let the avatar reflect your essence.

Cubix Space Pirates Explore Different Worlds

Explore Different Worlds

The monsters are dispersed around different worlds. Uncover the worlds as you fight monsters and survive through the challenges.

Cubix Space Pirates Learn And Evolve

Learn and Evolve

It’s the survival of the strongest. Fight with monsters, learn new techniques to survive, and evolve to fight bigger monsters.

Cubix Space Pirates Play With Friends

Play with Friends

Invite your friends to play Space Pirates or make new friends during the game. Challenge your friends and enjoy the play.

Cubix Space Pirates Choose Your Role

Choose Your Role

Choose your sides and you can play either as humans or aliens. Select a role that challenges you and customizes your avatar.

Multiple Worlds

Explore different worlds and planets, engage in a different environment, investigate different challenges, and reach new levels.

Creative And Exciting Characters

Creative and Exciting Characters

Every character, avatar, and monster are different from the other. Over 1200 monsters, each with different power and essence is ready to cause obstacles on your way. Colourful and radiant gameplay ready for you.

Cubix Space Pirates Create Youravatar

Create Your Avatar

You can customize your avatar and make it look and feel like you. Choose from a range of hundreds of accessories, including shoes, pants, shorts, and more. Give your character a fresh feel with exciting accessories ready for you.

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Evolving Monsters

As the levels increases, the monsters grow and become fierce, giving you tougher battles, fighting vigorously, and creating intense obstacles.


Battle for Survival

Monsters and humans fight against each other and the strongest one survives. It’s a battle of exciting challenges and fights, waging wars, and raiding new worlds to win the stage. It’s challenging and fun.


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Survival of the Strongest Specie

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A battle against 1200 monsters for survival.