A digital parking space rental service to eliminate everyday parking hassles.

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Join a peer-to-peer network of parking spot owners and spot seekers.

Spot iT is a digital parking space rental service platform that connects parking spot owners with seekers to eliminate the everyday hassle of finding a parking spot near business centers, markets, etc. You can book your spot with a payment in advance to enjoy convenience and peace of mind.

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A Solution to an Everyday Hassle

The client approached Cubix with a common problem and a solution they envisioned and wanted to build. The problem was one that we face daily; constant worry of acquiring a parking space. Whether it is a job interview you need to drive to or a retail store visit, parking spaces can be hard to find.

While some people do rent out parking spots in various areas in your vicinity that you can book, finding these people is a challenge too. The solution would include connecting those looking for parking spots with those who rent them out. The concept could work for almost anything from parking at events, shopping centers, or anywhere else. Building a platform to connect the two sides would result in convenience and peace of mind.

Building Spot iT - A Revolutionized Parking Scenario

When the client presented this enticing idea, our technicians and designers brainstormed the idea. They laid out an accurate predictive analysis of how the app would work. While collaborating with the client frequently and receiving regular feedback, the team progressed as planned.

The client’s vision was transformed into a robust solution that would operate efficiently. When you fancy a spot, you will need to pay the spot owner within the app. In between selecting your parking spot and paying for it, you will need to consider the duration it is available for. You may also consider the pricing of various spots available, and you can negotiate the price with the owner without any hidden charges.

As for the parking spot owners, they have complete authority over their property by fixing the time, location, and pricing. They don't have to worry about much since there is always someone or the other looking to reserve a decent parking spot.

Pay and reserve a parking spot from a range available in your vicinity.

Current Status

The ideators of Spot iT understand the troubles you go through. That’s why you now have an app that allows you, as a parking spot seeker, to view all the parking spots available in your vicinity, and then book a suitable one.

After the app's successful deployment, users have started benefiting from it. It saves them a considerable amount of time, and the client is also pleased with the end product. They were promised an app that would operate according to what they envisioned, and that’s what they got.