Eliminating Parking Hassles through Convenient Space Rental

About the App

SpotIT is a revolutionary platform that connects parking spot owners with seekers for hassle-free parking. It offers a seamless marketplace for owners to list and rent their spots while providing convenience to drivers looking for parking near destinations.

The app offers intuitive features like real-time spot availability, bookings, and payments.

Location: Washington, DC


Our Challenge

Cubix faced the challenge of creating a seamless peer-to-peer marketplace connecting parking spot owners and seekers worldwide while ensuring a hassle-free experience for all.

Your Go-to Solution to an Everyday Parking Hassle

SpotIT's user-centric design focuses on crafting an optimized interactive experience for convenience and simplicity with intuitive features. Key features include:

  • Intuitive Search & Filters: Drivers can efficiently explore nearby available spots by location, price and amenities

  • Real-Time Availability: The app indicates accurate spot vacancy status to book with confidence

  • Secure Payments: Seamless in-app payments protect financial data for driver and owner trust

  • Verified Listings: Review systems boost reliability choosing from validated parking options

Your Ultimate Place for Hassle-Free Parking

SpotIT strives to eliminate the everyday frustrations of parking by seamlessly connecting drivers to available spots through an innovative peer-to-peer platform. Whether running errands around the city or traveling to a new town for work, SpotIT offers a convenient solution to reserve parking without obstacles.

At Cubix, we recognized the pain points surrounding parking access. Our experts envisioned SpotIT as a revolutionary digital remedy that empowers both parking providers and motorists. Through meticulous design and development, we materialized SpotIT into an intuitive marketplace that simplifies the parking process from any location.

Working closely with the client, Cubix's strategic support has allowed ongoing refinement of SpotIT as a leading solution.

Project Results

  • Verified over 500,000 spot owners and renters on the platform

  • Secured partnerships covering major cities across USA, Canada and Mexico

  • Introduced owner analytics boosting occupancy rates up to 95%

  • Expanded search filters accommodating amenities preferences

  • Implemented subscription plans benefiting frequent users

  • Attained 4.7 user rating backed by 20k+ app ratings and reviews

  • Ongoing innovations like EV parking and integrated payments

  • Recognized amongst top parking apps by tech journals globally

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