Time Forge – A Thrilling Roleplay Game for Shooting Enthusiasts and Gaming Lovers

Enjoy a battle with monsters, collect coins, grab superpowers, and fight with the mega monster before you move to the level. A platform game for gaming geeks

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A Battle against Exuberating Monsters

Enjoy superpowers, collect coins, and uncover new missions.
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Multiplayer Game

Users can enjoy a single player game or invite friends for a multiplayer game. Join your friends to beat the scary monsters.

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Enter New Levels

Every mission has three levels. Fight with the monsters, cross new levels, and enter new levels, until you become the master of Time Forge.

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Social Login

Log in to with your Facebook in a still-step login. Easily sign up an account and start playing an exciting game of monsters.

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Collect Inventory

Superpowers are scattered around. Collect coins and weapons to boost your power, cross new levels, and fight the monsters like a pro.

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Intriguing Gaming Environment

A stimulating game, developed on Hero Engine, for gaming enthusiasts to enjoy. Ravishing gaming environment that gets you addicted.

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Compete Globally

Explore the leaderboard and aim for the top position globally. Cross levels, collect coins and see your name on the list of best players.

Invigorating Game Features

Collect inventory to increase your powers, seize the time to destroy your monsters, or enjoy the time portal to better fight the enemies.
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Witness the best players of Time Forge on the leaderboard. You can view the top players from across the globe as well as that from your Facebook friend list. Collect coins, grab the inventory, and climb the leaderboard. And, you can use the coins to purchase weapons and powers.

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Purchase Inventory

We have a lot of weapons ready for you, helping you fight the crazy dragon, sci-fi, and other monsters. Use the coins you have collected to get yourself exciting weapons. A jaw-dropping set of weapons ready for you to grab. Beat the monsters like never before.

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Electrifying Monsters

Fight scary monsters as you find your way to the next level. Indulge in intriguing gameplay as you fight monsters, sci-fi, dragons, and rocks.  

Time Forge Screenshots

A combination of exhilarating graphics and gameplay

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An exciting and addictive roleplay game