Delivering Healthy and Nutritious Food Items

About the Client

Today Today partners with Cubix to revolutionize the way healthy and organic food is purchased and delivered. This collaboration has led to the creation of an e-commerce marketplace dedicated to providing fresh, nutritious food items, including meats, vegetables, fruits, and spices, directly to consumers' doors.

Location: United Kingdom


Our Challenge

Our mission was to craft an intuitive e-commerce solution that not only simplifies the purchasing of healthy food online but also enriches the customer's cooking and eating experiences.

Revolutionizing Healthy Food Shopping:

Cubix focused on marrying aesthetic appeal with practicality, providing users a platform not just to shop but to become part of a healthy eating community.

  • User-Friendly Design: Simplifies navigation and shopping.

  • Interactive Content: Engages users with recipe discoveries.

  • Customizable Shopping: Offers personalized food item selection.

  • Real-Time Order Tracking: Enhances buyer confidence and satisfaction.

An Easily Accessible Source of Nutrition

Today Today makes cooking healthy meals simple with fresh ingredients delivered directly to your door. Browse options and order right from the app anytime, anywhere.

Access to Wellness Made Effortless

The Cubix team worked closely with Today Today to understand user needs for convenient, healthy eating. They designed an intuitive mobile marketplace where choosing nutritious foods is a breeze. Customers can now discover new recipes and order ingredients for home-cooked meals with just a few taps, eliminating obstacles to well-balanced diets. Real-time order tracking also brings peace of mind, while the growing selection of organic products inspires continuous culinary exploration.

Through their expertise and creative solutions, Today Today has succeeded in providing an invaluable resource for optimized health. With Cubix's guidance and development acumen, individuals worldwide can now satisfyingly support their fitness and dietary goals through a streamlined, energizing experience.

Project Results

  • 10,000+ downloads in the first two months.

  • 200K+ organic food listings on the platform.

  • Increased user session time by 40% on average.

  • Launched a versatile digital marketplace for organic foods.

  • Significant increase in user engagement with fresh food orders.

  • 95% positive user feedback on app functionality.

  • User-friendly platform encouraged healthy food choices.

  • Feedback-driven enhancements for continuous app improvement.

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