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Get fresh and organic food items delivered to your address and prepare delicious meals for your
family and friends.

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Healthy Food Items at Your Doorstep

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Fresh Food Items

Today Today delivers healthy and fresh food items to your doorstep that add taste to your meals.
Healthy and tasty!

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Explore Recipes

Need some inspiration for today’s meal? Explore hundreds of recipes on the mobile app and
decide on a scrumptious dish.

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Order Selected Ingredients

Once you have chosen a great recipe, order the ingredients required to make the dish and get
ready for a great meal.

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Hundreds of Items

Choose from hundreds of products of dairy, meat, fish, bakery, and order healthy and nutritious
food items at your address.

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Seasonal Vegetables and Fruits

Enjoy seasonable vegetables and fruits available for you to grab. Enjoy fresh items for your
meals every day.

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Easy Shopping

A simple and easy shopping experience, allowing you to place an order instantly. Hassle-free
shopping for your everyday needs.

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Fresh and Nutritious Food Items

Today Today is an e-commerce marketplace, serving healthy and organic food items including
meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, spices, and more. The platform is an easy-to-use e-commerce store
with simple navigation, easy shopping process, creative user interface, and a simple checkout
process that makes it easier for anyone and everyone to place orders. Enjoy fresh food items for
healthy cooking.

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Track Your Orders

Waiting for ingredients to prepare your meals can be frustrating. Today Today saves you from
the frustration by allowing order tracking, so you know when your parcel is coming. The
tracking system identifies where the rider is on the map and notifies you when the parcel is about
to reach you. Stay organized and prepare your meals on time with added nutrition.

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Explore Recipes

Looking for food inspiration for your next meal? Bored with your monotonous recipes? Explore
exciting and unique food recipes on Today Today from different chefs from across the globe.
Add a new flavour to your everyday meals by changing the recipe. Order the ingredients required
for the dish and add them to the cart in one-step.

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Simple Shopping Process

Today Today has simple navigation and easy checkout processes that minimize the steps
required to place an order. Simply choose food items you wish to buy, add them to the cart,
change quantities, and add payment details. Sign up in a few seconds to set up your account.

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Fresh and Nutritious Food Items for You

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