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A Dog Racing Game With a Unique Spin of a Play-to-Earn Model.

cubix web development

Track9 Game Concept

Track9 is a play-to-earn dog racing game where players compete against other racers to win. In addition, players will compete in format races that can be live-streamed in this game. Within the game, global players can join the fun and buy their dogs (as NFTs), breed them, bet on them, and, of course, race them to earn tokens in paid or free races. Built on a Unity game engine using NFT/ blockchain technology, the gameplay is competitive with an engaging 3D interface.

Track9 is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, and safari. The game offers a realistic racing environment while allowing the users to earn money out of it.

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Track9’s Trustworthy Game Development Partner

As the game has altered the traditional racing game with the latest cutting-edge technology, Track9 decided to partner with Cubix due to its ability to develop and deploy market-leading P2E games. In addition, the company focuses on the trending game development scenarios, which means the expert developers, stakeholders, and passionate product strategists plan the software development process that aligns exceptionally with their partners.

Track9 wanted to build and update the game with a veteran and expert company. After reviewing the Cubix portfolio and analyzing the NFT and blockchain-based track record, track9 considered Cubix the best fit for the game task.

Track9 partnered up with Cubix due to its professional approach to game development while incorporating the well-crafted NFTs in the game. Being a P2E game development enthusiast, Cubix has promised to deploy an exhilarating track9 game with the possibility to watch the live stream and win on the bet.

Race, Play and Earn!

With the opportunity to play paid or free races, users will understand the winning ratio of dogs on multiple gates and points. Eight gates are built into the game that is treated on a first-come, first-serve basis. Players can earn money in the paid dog race while the winning dog will be awarded the best reputation. This means that a dog with a positive reputation has more potential to win the race. Therefore, the dog will be sold at a high price on the Open sea. This gaming idea adds significant value and fun to the overall Play-to-earn game experience.

Currently, the game has only one location, and the dog races will be available 24/7. In addition, the user is required to connect the wallet through a MetaMask to purchase the dog.

Safe-to-Play Game

Track9 P2E game is highly secure when it comes to user security. The smart contracts under the safe blockchain platform help monitor dog (NFT) ownership. With Tyson coin in the game software, All NFT characters (dogs) can easily be digitally traded by users. Furthermore, as the entire dog data is stored and saved in a smart contract, the users enjoy the sole ownership of their NFT without fearing fraud activity or scams.

Phase I – Game Design and Wallet Integration

QUARTER 1 – 2022

This phase covers the game character and environment design and artwork according to the game storyline. The game represents a 3D interface and is crafted following the NFT marketplace that offers a smooth, realistic gameplay approach and a sense of traditional gameplay experience in the digital game environment.

As the game permits users to trade their NFTs in the Opensea marketplace, Track9 is integrated with Wallet through MetaMask, where users can log in or sign up themselves to access their Ethereum wallet.

Phase II – NFT Drop of 1000 Dogs

QUARTER 2 – 2022

In this phase, Track9 releases 1000 Dogs as NFTs, which can be traded at different prices according to their reputation in the racing world. The trading of NFT characters allows players to earn. Moreover, the fun facts of the Track9 game lie in the betting option, as users can also earn on a betting basis. The phase soft-launched the wagering process with 1000 dogs. Each dog has its specifications and abilities.

Phase III – The Breeding Mechanism

QUARTER 3 – 2022

Track9 released another NFT Drop as the NFT dog Breeding, which permits users to breed the NFT characters, enhancing the dog’s attributes and capabilities. The user can sell them at high prices on OpenSea. Moreover, the user can participate in the game with dogs having improved racing capabilities with more chances of winning the race.

Track 9 brings you a unique ecosystem that allows players to race, dedicate time, earn, and make it worthwhile with the rewards.