Enhancing Air Travel Experience

About the Client

Tulsa Airport, a prominent name in aviation, sought Cubix’s expertise to enhance its digital presence. The collaboration aimed to develop an app/website to improve the travel experience, offering features like flight tracking, airport services information, and seamless navigation for travelers

Location: Kansas, United States


Our Challenge

The challenge was to develop a digital platform for Tulsa Airport to streamline travel processes & enhance passenger experiences, integrating various functionalities into an intuitive user interface.

Enhanced User Engagement

The Tulsa Airport digital platform includes tailored notifications, interactive maps, and straightforward access to airport amenities. This design focuses on improving passenger interaction and convenience, making navigation and utilization of airport facilities more efficient and user-friendly

Enhancing Travel Experience through Design

Cubix's approach to the Tulsa Airport project was a blend of aesthetic design and practical functionality, aiming to provide an efficient and enjoyable travel experience

  • UX/UI Design: Crafting interfaces that are intuitive and visually appealing

  • Content Strategy: Developing clear, informative content to guide travelers

  • Alignment with Traveler Needs: Ensuring design elements meet the specific needs of airport users

  • Data Presentation: Effectively displaying flight and airport information for easy comprehension and action


Cubix delivered a unified digital platform for Tulsa Airport, incorporating flight tracking, navigational assistance, and airport service information. This integration not only digitized the airport's operations but also significantly elevated the passenger experience

Project Results

  • Comprehensive Digital Platform for Travelers and Airport Operations

  • Enhanced User Experience with Real-Time Flight Information

  • Streamlined Airport Navigation and Service Access

  • User-Friendly Interface for Effortless Travel Planning

  • Continuous Updates and Improvements Based on Feedback

  • Integrated Flight and Airport Service Management Tools

  • Advanced Data Visualization for Traveler Convenience

  • Improved Operational Efficiency for Airport Management

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