6 App Ideas that Will Help the World in COVID-19 Times


8 Jun, 2020


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6 app ideas that will help the world in covid-19 times

The world is discussing Coronavirus, and it seems like everything is revolving around the virus. Due to the crisis, everyone is affected in some way or the other. From businesses to educational institutes and from everyday lives to future plans, the virus has us all occupied.
App developers are also facing a slowdown in their businesses. But, instead of just waiting for the crisis to get over, it is crucial to do something to help our businesses grow and cash on the opportunity.

The top app developers always have some creative ideas on the table and know how to leverage the changing times to build breakthrough mobile apps.
Here are some ideas to boost app development and help the world in these COVID-19 times:

Mental Health & Meditation Apps

Coronavirus has been a major source of anxiety and mental stress, especially because it is a contagious virus. Anxiety is detrimental to human health, both mentally and physically. The lack of human interaction and social distancing has fostered feelings of loneliness. Some people have lost their jobs too. Overall, it is a rough time for everyone. In these times, mobile phones are everyone’s best friend; therefore, now is the time to work on meditation and mental health apps.

Such a situation continuing for months can lead to serious mental disorders, even among mentally healthy individuals. So, mental health and mindfulness apps are the need of the time. These will help people deal with mental stress and anxiety. The apps will also help them divert their minds from the persistently negative thought process and news.

Furthermore, mental health apps will teach simple meditation and mental relaxation techniques that people can practice themselves at home easily. The demand for such apps will grow, as more and more people realize the value of meditation.

Gaming Apps

Entertainment is the need of the hour. And especially in the Coronavirus times, entertainment has become more important than ever. But, the means of entertainment are now limited.

Traveling is the biggest entertainment for many. But countries have imposed restrictions on travel considering the spread of Coronavirus and international tourism has come to a stop. So, app developers can leverage on app ideas that combine travel and entertainment for users craving to travel. Users will need such apps now and in the future!

Travel apps are a good way to offer something to the people who are missing on travel the most. Travel games grounded on augmented reality give users real-life experiences of travel destinations from around the world. They can explore new places from the comfort of their homes without worrying about the virus spread or money.

Moreover, the travel gaming apps will be less costly than a real foreign trip; so, everyone wanting to for for foreign vacations can play this game and enjoy the travel experience.

On-Demand Grocery Apps

Before the virus, going to stores and grocery shopping were routine tasks and often an underestimated entertainment. Also, most people enjoyed the routine visits to grab some snacks and groceries.

But times have changed. And, crowding in the grocery stores is not feasible anymore. Online grocery stores have spiked during the pandemic. A grocery e-commerce store app or a grocery delivery app is the need of the day.

There are so many grocery shopping apps in the stores. But you must build one that makes it easy for the people to browse for products, learn about substitutes available, and make payments. Make the user experience extraordinary and your app will sell make news in the market!

E-Learning Apps

With social distancing and work from home, people have sufficient times in their hands to learn new skills and expand their knowledge. Now is the right time to invest in e-learning apps.

Everyone has a different motive for taking new courses. Some users want to increase their knowledge or skills while others want to improve their job prospects with more certifications. Some pursue learning as a hobby or simply to learn something new to satisfy the learning appetite. No doubt, the demand for education never ceases, especially when one has some time on the hands.

Coronavirus brought a setback to the education system for some time. But with time, countries are adapting to the e-learning model. Users have shown inclinations towards learning apps for the freedom from the barriers of time and location. With e-learning apps, people can learn from universities and professors from across the world.

The demand for educational apps has increased during the pandemic. People who have lost their jobs are utilizing the time to acquire new skills. And, this is made possible through app-based learning!

App developers must remember that educational apps have existed for years, and various apps are already present in the market for the users to choose from. So, for your app to win the race, you will have to provide something different with excellent user experience. The cutting-edge technologies such as AR/VR and AI are there to help you build an excellent e-learning app!

Online Collaboration Apps

The pandemic has changed perspectives of people when it comes to life and what matters at the end of day. People have accepted that drastic changes in the lifestyle are integral for surviving the pandemic. Since work is a significant part of their lives, work styles too have changed.

As social distancing is the only way to prevent the spread of the virus, more businesses are enabling work from home. And, for so many businesses, the work can continue uninterrupted in this mode. Employees are also getting accustomed to it, and in the future, work from home could be the new accepted norm!

Businesses allowing their employees to work from home cannot compromise on the quality of the work delivered. This is possible only with the best online collaboration tools that give the concept of a virtual workplace to remote teams.

Remote-work app solutions come with a variety of features. App developers can build a customized remote-work app too for businesses with specific and complex remote-work requirements.

Telemedicine & Healthcare

Though this point is at the end of the list, healthcare continues to be the most crucial sector in these times. However, healthcare must now be delivered with changed procedures, to prevent people from contracting the virus in hospitals and clinics.

Telemedicine and on-demand healthcare apps are the solutions for patients who cannot access proper healthcare facilities due to the virus.

People with mild illnesses and want access to doctors can now consult the doctor on the phone or email, using telemedicine apps. This is particularly helpful for psychology and psychiatry treatments, which do not require the doctor to examine the patient physically. Moreover, telemedicine apps are most crucial in reducing routine medicine refill prescription visits.

If the patient wants to visit a doctor for a problem that cannot be solved on phone or email, an on-demand app allows him to select a doctor based on reviews and easily book an appointment.

Let’s admit it that telemedicine and on-demand healthcare apps are the future of healthcare. Patients as well as doctors are accepting these modes of healthcare delivery. Top app developers must design healthcare app ideas that can transform this sector for the better!

Wrapping it Up!

Healthcare professionals are doing their best across the world to help the world come out of the Coronavirus crisis. However, the span and gravity of the crisis are high. And all of us must contribute to society in such times by playing our part.

App developers can come up with great ideas that will help their users improve their lives during these times of crisis. This article lists the app ideas that can help the world in Coronavirus times.

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