AI Classifier for Indicating AI-Written Text

Kinza Tahir

8 Feb, 2023


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AI Classifier for Indicating AI-Written Text

AI Classifier is a language model that detects AI-written text from human-written text through its system providers. These days educators are facing issues of students sending in assignments generated from AI tools such as ChatGPT. You just have to enter a topic and give a few details regarding a task and ChatGPT generates AI-written text that looks quite similar to human-written text. With technology picking pace each day, this has becomes a hassle for teachers who want students to learn.

Students have discovered AI tools that completely writes the assignment for them without research or any hard work. AI Classifier is an AI tool that distinguishes whether an individual has generated text through an app or written it manually. Along with educators, businesses are also facing the wrath of ChatGPT as the content they receive on their websites is also AI-generated. AI Classifier is an antidote for all those tools that create AI-generated content.

There are AI development services that help in indicating whether content is human-written or AI-written. You can hire an AI development company that will do the job for you in detecting if content is written by an AI chatbot. With new technologies entering the market, it is essential to detect if a piece of writing is original or written by an AI chatbot. Businesses need content that is human-written as without it, they can get stuck with content that is similar to other companies.

The significance of the Classifier

OpenAI has released ChatGPT as well as AI Classifier so that educators and businesses are aware of AI-generated content. It means that OpenAI wants individuals to be aware whether they are satisfied with content that is not written by a human. OpenAI has created AI Classifier so that individuals cannot keep their teachers and clients under false pretenses that they wrote the content themselves.

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How does the Classifier work?

There are three ways that AI Classifier works:

Arithmetic Examination

In this approach, there is calculation of several figures, such as term regularity, sentence span, and linguistic building, from a huge quantity of AI-generated text and human-written content. The AI Classifier then equivalences the figures of the entered content to the data of the human-written and AI-generated writing in the body text to make a calculation.

The AI Classifier is trained in such a way that it detects how a user exhibited the content and made it their own. The AI Classifier needs to be fine-tuned and updated regularly to truly determine if a text is AI-generated. An AI development company will work in your favor if you employ it as it has all the expertise to define if content is original or AI-generated.

Profound Learning

This method includes creating a resonant neuronal system on a hefty text of AI-generated and human-written content. The system acquires to spot forms in the content and make forecasts around its source grounded on these forms and patterns. There are ways in which the AI Classifier learns itself and keeps improving as it goes deeper into the content.

With AI development services you can be relaxed and have all your needs taken care of. There are now companies that will do the work for you. You just have to hire a specialized company that has expertise on AI and you can sit back and relax. AI-generated content is difficult to detect but a specialized company will use its team of consultants that have all the skills to look after your needs.

Natural Linguistic Dispensation

This tactic comprises consuming procedures such as sentimentality scrutiny, termed object identification, and language classification, to excerpt evocative data from the content. The AI Classifier then customs this data to make an approximate estimate about the source of the content. You need to know how to use the AI Classifier efficiently and it will work effortlessly.

An AI development company will have all the expertise to detect content that is not human-written. Soon, there will be tools such as Theano and Caffe that will be releasing similar tools such as AI Classifier which will broaden the horizon of AI. Educators are panicking on how to handle the fiasco but soon there will be technologies that are 100% accurate on detecting unoriginal content.

The Limitations of AI Classifier: what aspects to look out for

Even though there are benefits of AI Classifier, it also has a few drawbacks which keeps it far from being perfect.

  • AI Classifier is not 100% reliable as it cannot detect content with complete accuracy.
  • Since they are a lot of misinformation drives, AI Classifier is used to stop false campaigns from spreading. Again, it is not dependable to stop fabrication of facts.
  • There are times when AI Classifier will label human-written content with AI-generated content with surety which works against its goal.
  • If the content is short such as 500 words long, AI Classifier may deem it as AI-generated which defeats the purpose.
  • After text is generated by an AI tool, an individual can manually edit it and do tweaks to make it seem that it is written by a human which is difficult for AI Classifier to detect.

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The Final Verdict

AI Classifier is still unclear about how it will detect content. Since, it is not reliable it can easily manipulate educators to believe that students are cheating which is a major drawback. With AI Classifier, students will be unable to prove whether the content they have written is original or not. AI Classifier sometimes even predicts human-written content as AI-generated which is a huge problem. The accuracy that needs to be present is still lacking.

When AI came into the market, people hardly took notice but now it is ingrained in our lives. From Internet of Things (IoT) to Data Science, everything needs AI and is integrated with it. People are relying heavily on machine learning and see its advantages. AI Classifier has a long way to go and it will keep improving with time. ChatGPT has been in the market to make the lives of people easier but will it replace humans completely is the question.


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