All You Need to Know About Branding for Digital Products


4 Feb, 2022


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Branding for Digital Products

Some people just start liking a brand because of its logo. Maybe it’s that first glimpse of a brand’s vibrant color or pastel, typeface, or shades that you find appealing – who knows? But people do fall in love with some brands, and it’s not just because of a cute logo. Think about that for a minute.

Certainly, in most cases, it is not just a brand’s catchy color that draws you in; there may be one or many brand attributes hinging on brand values that resonate with you. It is these values and core values that compel people to fall head over heels.

If you tend to fall within a particular brand’s target segment, it’s because you are aligned with their values, attributes, etc., and you are available to that brand at their branding touchpoints.

In recent decades, a great many brands have moved into the digital space despite maintaining their traditional billboard and television ad. approach.

Branding on the Digital Horizon

A scant number of people were initially aware of brands like Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, etc. However, as time ticked away, these brands managed to permeate the digital market space because they adopted digital branding strategies to work as a catalyst. Their popularity didn’t happen by accident but as a result of strategies that were thoroughly thought out.

These types of thriving businesses first build a solid foundation and then enjoy growing revenues for the long haul. The formula is pretty steady and straightforward; build an efficient digital branding strategy that speaks for your business.

According to Statista, Apple topped the list of successful brands with a jaw-dropping total net sales value of $365.82 Billion in the year 2021. Moreover, the annual revenue value quadrupled over the last decade, which is insanely impressive, don’t you think?

Yes, they make outstanding products, but there is much more to it.

What is Digital Branding?

Before getting to what a digital brand is, you should know about banding first. So, what is branding?

Branding is how you create your proverbial business image based on values you come to be known by. Branding includes marketing your product in a way that defines your business, its values and core values, the purpose of your products or services to the ideal customer base, and how it stands apart from others. Businesses, regardless of size, need to strive to transform the word “business” into “brand.” Branding is all about how the world perceives you.

Digital branding, on the contrary, dictates how you enter your target audience’s mind through leveraging digital media. This includes leveraging digital products like digital design collateral, applications, websites, social media, etc.

Digital branding is a composition of technology and marketing strategies like advertisements, social media marketing, and many other online channels. To simplify it, it’s best to say that digital branding takes your branding to your target audience present on digital media. The principles of your brand, the values, design, etc., largely remain the same.

Digital Branding Helps You Generate Leads

Lead generation is driven by your strategies and approach to capturing potential customers through gaining their attention and building their interest in a product or service to maximize sales.

Digital Branding is when a Product Meets what the User Seeks

Customers are attracted to what they are already hunting for. So, if your business utilizes profound strategies for promoting your product through different results-driven channels like social media apps, you are already on the right path.

Successful Digital Branding is when you make Customers Permanent.

To keep thriving in the market, you need to solidify your customer base. To that end, you need to establish an emotional relationship with your ideal customers. Value your customers so that they can support, trust, and value you.

“A perfect definition of a brand strategy is the intent considered for the positive role a company plays in the lives of the people it serves as well as the many communities around it.” – Neil parker, strategy lead and a genius consultant.

What Branding Tips Do We Get from Apple?

Amid trending market scenarios, Apple has become an iconic sensation all over the world. Apple has revved up the development market and taken the technical world to the next level and keeps doing so, thanks to the results-driven strategies that build customer relationships through emotional attachment with the digital product or service.

Showing how the Product is the Best Fit in an Individual’s Life

Apple took a quick-witted step while branding its products, which shows that the brand has some adroit brand strategists working behind the goal-oriented strategies. Apple is luxury, Apple is emotion, Apple has fans, and Apple is an all-time favorite because Apple is a top-notch BRAND.

An Apple customer doesn’t dive into the specifications while buying an iPhone, saying things like “I need to explore the iPhone’s design, RAM/ROM, processor, SIM, Resolution, features, Camera, and so forth.” Instead, “I am buying this because it’s an Apple product.” This is branding; this is how branding works.

Delivering Constant Value through Evolved and Improved Products

Apple continuously delivers perceived value to the customer in the form of evaluated products we have been acquiring until the present day. Today, millions of people are aware of when and what Apple product is going to launch; why? Because Apple has been successful in domiciling itself in millions of hearts. This clarifies the importance of branding and shows where branding can take your product in a short period.

Pivotal Factors for Product Branding

To unlock Apple-level success, effective digital branding is the key. However, the point to note is the time factor; it has elevated businesses to the sky and, similarly, put down many in the market. For Apple, the thing that remained the same was the strategy and the follow-up. As discussed above, this is how smart companies proceed with branding. They say, ‘let’s not wait even a minute to get detailed insight for a branding experience.

Know Your Brand and Fierce Competitors

Every business needs to understand and identify its business values. Keeping your business niche upfront, a digital brand designer should build marketing strategies accordingly. You should get into the depth of your brand purpose, determine the values, and carry out an effective decision-making process.

You need to ask; what features of your product can benefit your target audience? Can your product satisfy the customer’s need? What is the scope of your product? Is your product capable of keeping the customer for the long haul? Where will your brand stand in the next ten years? and the list goes on…

You also need to keep a close eye on your competitors and monitor their every move as to what strategies they are utilizing for their effective marketing campaign. You should determine your competitor’s value and reputation in the market, their branding process, tools, methods, the technologies they use, their media activity, and so many other things.

Moreover, you need to find out what products and services their customer base is buying from them and how your competitor treats their customers. Also, you need to know what platforms your competitor uses to convert leads. For instance, if you’re a niched software development company, you will need to attract business-focused clients as businesses require software to obtain exceptional assistance for long-term success.

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Permit Customers to Create Brand Hype

Your customers are the central entity for your business; satisfying their needs means you will build a firm foundation for your business. Successful businesses build confidence in their customer base to entrust them for the services or digital products they are providing.

Happy customers suggest your services or products to others and help promote your business across different channels, mainly on social media apps. Once your name is hyped in the public eye, the world is yours because the audience has the power to take you by storm.

Emphasize on overall software appearance

When you want to buy a house, what is the first thing you focus on? Its Architecture? The paint and other details? If it doesn’t look appealing, will you dare buy it? The same goes for digital products.

Appealing interface designs create a high impact on your first-time visitor. Successful digital products are those that take your customers to the depths of your software. That said, I have jotted down some essential factors that can help you build an elegant and successful product.

1. Earn a Name with UX

Digital products are meant to be exceptional for smooth interaction. Yes, there’s no way back. User experience speaks aloud in favor of your brand. But, again, it highly depends on your branding strategies on which your app behavior counts primarily.

To that end, you need to ask UI/UX designers to design attractive yet easy-to-navigate pages. User experience also includes the overall digital product’s functionality and how efficiently it aligns with your users’ needs — businesses need to hire a top-notch software development company to develop nifty products that would be enough in the long run.

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2. Compelling Content that Speaks to Viewers

They say “Content is King” because a successful digital branding strategy depends on it. Content is everything you see on the internet, as it increases conversions. The structure, headlines, tone and content, style, and so many other things, collectively captivate or disinterest your visitors. Make your digital product visually rich so that you don’t miss the chance to celebrate your success.

3. A Logo that Defines Your Brand’s Uniqueness

Logos help identify your product, values, etc., in the blink of an eye. Look at how much you discern just by looking at the Apple logo. So, logos are like a signature that represents a brand. Logos grab attention quickly. Exceptional product branding is based on attracting your viewers within a couple of seconds, and a logo can do that for your brand, depending on the reputation your brand creates.

To what extent a logo is successful depends on how the digital brand designer crafts your logo. Precisely, businesses have a single chance to take themselves to the next level or lose opportunities. And since logos initially introduce your company without even saying a damn word, you don’t want to give that up easily. If anything, you’d want to maximize the effectiveness of such a function.

4. The Theme that Captivates Attention

A digital product theme defines the creativity and the taste in choosing a color scheme for your brand. To have an aesthetic and attractive digital product, you need to select a theme that suits your website structure, design layout, widgets, and overall web/app appearance.

Supporting this idea; adding several illustrations to your landing page instantly draws your visitors’ attention, and they start scrolling and navigating through your digital product. Everyone likes an organized, appealing, and fully functional product that helps fulfill their requirements.

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Takeaways for Digital Marketing

Businesses are familiar with digital marketing, but perhaps they still need a shortcut for building a prominent brand. In the business domain, when smart work aligns with hard work, miracles happen. Curious as to how this is so? Here’s the right approach to swift popularity and long-term success.


There are numerous ways to advertise your product online. Advertisements help double business revenues and conversation rates. It makes your product reach your target audience easily, so chances are high to convert your web visitors into customers.

Companies previously emphasized advertising through TV channels quite a lot; however, in the era of social media and YouTube, where a vast majority spend time entertaining themselves or gaining more profits, this has become the preference.


What gets to the top of a search engine results page is more easily recognized by your target audience. And so, search engine optimization is Google’s technique to determine the pages and sites that are eligible to rank on Google’s page.

Today, Google’s recognition algorithm has become much more intelligent than ever before. Therefore, if SEO is done exceptionally, fulfilling all Google’s (updated) demands, your digital product is likely to secure the top positions on the Google search results page. This means more people will trust your business and be more likely to generate sales. However, the ranking of your website/app requires monitoring as Google introduces frequent updates.

Google aims at showing results to users instantly. SEO is a compelling digital marketing strategy and helps millions of internet users recognize your products or services. Today, Google has become the center of crucial activities; there’s no concept of effective digital marketing without search engine optimization. Therefore, you need to make sure your digital assets are in sync with Google’s algorithm requirements.

Website Landing Page

A landing page, if built strategically, can easily convert your visitors into your customers by convincing them to provide their information through a form. Product-based Businesses require landing pages to gain certain advantages data that they can analyze in terms of the different channels through which visitors come.

You can also discover which channels have more potential for generating leads. Moreover, with landing pages, you can quickly grab your target audience’s attention-focused content and illustrations according to the audience’s interest. Therefore, landing pages play a vital role in building the business base, i.e., Customers.

Social Media Marketing

As times changed and technology introduced social media apps, people became active on such platforms. Social media strategies emerged and have become effective, and results-driven strategies are formulated for taking businesses to the next level.

Keeping social strategies in mind while creating an effective marketing strategy can do wonders as it helps direct your potential customers to your landing pages, which ultimately compels a significant them to become your buyers.

Not only does it help you generate leads, but the likes and comments on your social media posts tell others how adept you are in terms of being a business and service provider.

If we name the apps according to Statista, one of Meta’s apps, Instagram, generated 15.93 percent of social media traffic, which is indeed primarily a free platform to support startups. However, the point to remember is to be consistent with your social media strategies and run the social media campaign in a way that your customer feels valued and is attracted to your brand.

Set Standards through Visual Identification

Establishing a visual identity through visual identification means giving your brand an individual and unique identity to be recognized among millions of brands. To that end, your brand gets a visual identity through a unique brand name, logo, shape, font, colors, design, and other features.

To achieve that, you need to win your audience’s heart by determining their interest. Other than that, you need to keep building and consolidating your brand through visuals, content, style, and above all, through emotions. Remember Apple’s example mentioned above?

Wrap Up

To build an effective digital branding strategy, your hired company plays a prominent role in your brand growth, just like Cubix, which has served a global clientele for years tirelessly and adds value to their businesses. From large-sized project development and game development to effectively building strategies, Cubix has gone beyond excellence.

Want to enhance your business value by developing stellar software? Then, we are happy to serve you. Call us or email us to discuss your idea.



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