Tips to Sell on Magento without Inventory


7 Oct, 2021


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Magento without Inventory

Ecommerce businesses are in high demand at present. An online business can be the most convenient way to do business since everything you need is within reach – outstanding sales, high conversions, rapid growth, and above all, satisfied customers. To accelerate your business regardless of any size, Magento has long been a good fit for anyone who wants to kick-start an online business. I will share some of the best Magento tips and tricks that you can replicate based on your requirements.

How to Sell on Magento without Inventory?

People worldwide seem satisfied when doing online business on the Magento platform. It has become the go-to platform for online shopping. Why? It offers tons of options with flexibility for you and your customers. Magento has relieved sellers of the burden of inventory management. By enabling Dropshipping, Magento enables customers to order products directly from sellers, thus reducing the necessity for inventory. Magento’s backorder feature allows users to purchase products even if it is out of stock back in the back-end. However, an item will not be displayed to a user as it won’t be available at the frontend.

Successful Magento Tips to Sell Products Efficiently

Tip#1: MLM-Multilevel Marketing Module for Magento

I like the fact that Multi-level Marketing is quick-witted in many ways; companies adopt these to offer products to consumers. Using their distribution model, companies can reach a wide range of clients. With MLM, Magento facilitates your product sales without inventory on Magento, and you can also buy the inventory to sell in-person or online.

Basically, multi-level marketing involves sales representatives making indirect sales to companies and then to the end consumer. This incredible model is the perfect solution for online business owners looking to sell without inventory using Magento. In addition, each product sale and other upgradation within an online business entitles admins and sponsors to a set commission percentage.

Tip# 2: Magento Dropshipping

In retail, Dropshipping is a way to operate without maintaining inventory and without shipping products directly to consumers from you. Instead, Dropshipping is the practice of a retailer partnering with the manufacturer of a product, allowing the manufacturer to sell and ship directly to the customer, thus giving the customer the impression that they purchased the item from the retailer. But how does Dropshipping work in Magento? Follow these steps:

  • Sell your products on the Magento storefront.
  • Send the customer’s order information to your supported supplier when you receive it.
  • Ensure that the supplier acknowledges the order, packages the products, and ships them to the customer’s address under your name.
  • Invisible to customers, the drop shipper pays you for it.

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Tip#3: Magento Print-On-demand

A print-on-demand model is an eCommerce model that lets you work with your support provider to create and sell products according to your customers’ needs under your own label. This also helps to sell products without inventory. The merchant does not have to deal with shipping or inventory since everything (i.e., printing shirts, cups, bags, caps, etc.) is handled by a third party.

Follow these steps to go with print-on-demand with Magento:

  • Set up your Magento store first.
  • Add a design and select the products you are selling.
  • Promote your product effectively.
  • Ask POD to customize orders when you receive them from the customer and handle the rest of the process.
  • Get your payment once the order gets cleared.

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Tip # 4: Affiliate Marketing

Most modern entrepreneurs have heard of affiliate marketing, and if you haven’t, it’s high time to consider it if you want to sell products without having an inventory. Over the past few years, this quick-witted method has dominated the fastest-growing business industry.

With affiliate marketing, you can make money by promoting the products and services of others, and if they are sold successfully, you will earn a commission. I found a smart method among successful Magento tips to share with future entrepreneurs to level up in the market.

Find affiliate programs from companies like Amazon, Walmart, Nike, Apple, and others in the marketplace without difficulty. Internationally recognized eCommerce companies are always on the hunt for consumers, which is why they promote their products and services on multiple platforms. They enjoy a wider reach and sell more.

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I can say for certain that affiliate marketing is worth considering because Statista estimates that this powerful method will reach $8.2 billion by 2022, as recorded up from $5.4 billion in 2017. This shows what affiliate marketing has in store for you to grow in the near future.

Let your target customers trust you while you begin affiliate marketing because if there’s a price for an effective affiliate, it’s trust, and trust is essential. “Desirae Odjick (founder of Half Banked) once said, “Beyond just sharing your experiences, you can build trust by limiting the number of affiliates you promote or by only promoting products you use and sticking to your niche. For example, people trust my recommendations for Canadian financial apps, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to have much luck as a Sephora affiliate.”

Tip# 5: Third-Party Fulfillment Center

Third-party fulfillment centers are one of the best Magento tips to sell without inventory. It’s similar to dropshipping, but the fulfillment centers can stock and ship your products for you. In addition, third-party logistics (3PL) fulfill customer orders for eCommerce retailers.

Here’s how the third-party fulfillment centers work:

Put your product on the Magento storefront, and then send it to the third-party company. Upon getting orders from buyers, you should contact the third-party provider, who will handle the remainder of the delivery process until the product arrives at the buyer’s house. With this method, you don’t need to get involved with packing and delivering your products. It’s that simple.

What Can You Sell on Magento Without Inventory?

Magento offers digital, downloadable, and tangible products and services, making it a one-stop solution for everyone within the digital era. In addition, Magento assists merchants to harness some optimum and handful features to carry out business conveniently. To that end, ensure that the support system is up-to-date when implementing direct sales to customers.

What makes Magento the Stand-Alone eCommerce Platform?

Magento has such an incredible array of advantages that make it the right choice for any company to adopt. It can be a one-size-fits-all situation for those who know the value of it. So let me explain why I am focusing on Magento when we have other platforms available apart from this.

Magento powers a great many websites you visit every day. With more than $100 billion in gross merchandise volume annually, Magento has a range of themes and extensions. I believe your success depends on what platform you choose and whether it is widely recognized or widely used – there’s a difference.

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How much does it Cost to Build a Magento eCommerce Website?

Having a well-developed eCommerce website or application can put you ahead in a multitude of ways. Developing a Magento eCommerce website can vary in cost depending on the services you want from developers. If you require full-fledged support, the price can be significantly higher. Maintenance of a ready-made eCommerce site has a different price. If you want a marketing service post-deployment, the cost may vary. For a better consultation on eCommerce development costs – always go for a clear vision to get an accurate result.



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