Essential Android Game Development Stages


2 Mar, 2023


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Android Game Development

Every Android game’s quality is determined by the development process and the specific Android game development tools and techniques that are capable of addressing the game design deliverables.

Developing a hit Android game app requires a full-fledged process that is divided into multiple phases to address each design requirement comprehensively.

A typical development process for building games that are compatible with Android devices is as follows:

The Pre-Production Stage

The pre-production phase entails several steps that must be taken care of before beginning the core development process. The first step in this stage is to figure out how much the entire project will cost. The client’s game specification is used to generate the estimate.

Once an Android game development company obtains the client’s approval on the estimate, the project manager examines the client’s needs in detail, determining which features should be added to the game and how much time and money should be devoted to each.

Based on the client’s requirements on specifications concerning the game’s software, the development team creates a game script or storyboard. Another important step in this stage is preparing the required documentation and a framework concept that defines the gameplay, characters, and game settings.

The Production Stage

The production stage initiates the game design and the concept art process. The development teams create the game’s user interface and gameplay mechanics. Members of the team prepare design and architecture documentation, database design documentation, and class design documents, respectively.

Android game development services also encompass providing the client with these materials for evaluation. At the same time, designers work on the UI flow and necessary game mechanics for the game design document (GDD).

Using mock-ups of game characters as well as other critical features, concept art generation takes place. The art team works with the customer to provide 2D character artwork. Furthermore, they create a concept art document in which the customer includes the recommended alterations to the concept art layout.

The concept art is used as inspiration to create a variety of in-game assets, such as a 3D character or model. Modeling, texturing, UV unwrapping, rigging, animating, and applying visual effects are all part of the art development process.

Developers finally put the game into action with the aid of gaming engines. Customers are given access to the game at various stages of development to provide input and help polish the final product.

The Post-Production Stage

Games built for Android devices must be responsive to players’ selection of a suitable viewing resolution and other personal preferences. This requires rigorous internal testing to guarantee optimal performance across all types of Android devices and to confirm that all features are fully operational.

The post-production phases involve testing, conducting quality assurance checks, and creating test plans and various use cases for each testing procedure. Constant performance, fluid gaming, device compatibility, and the best possible user experience are analyzed in this stage.

In addition, many Android game development companies conduct comprehensive beta testing to tailor the game’s controls and level of challenges to the specific tastes of the intended audience.

Before dispatching the game to the app stores, user acceptance is another important part of the post-production phase. User suggestions are used to refine the app’s design and add new functionalities. After the client’s approval, the games are launched in the marketplace.

Android-powered games may require regular updates for quite some time after they first release. Developers also provide a wide range of maintenance and support options using different Android game development tools.

In A Nutshell!

The Android game development process works best when the development tasks are segregated into the three broad categories that we have discussed above. It ensures optimum Android game development service delivery.

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