How to Create Content in the Metaverse?


20 Jun, 2022


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Metaverse Content

The shift and growth rate in technology are exponential. Unimaginable things have now become our reality, and Metaverse is one of that paradigm-shifting innovations. As a result, brands are Googling how to create a metaverse for their business. To give an essential perspective, Metaverse is an immersive virtual environment replacing traditional Web 2.0. The notion was first introduced in sci-fi films like The Matrix, but it has since found a home in the real world.

Experts believe Metaverse is the next-generation, 3D version of the internet – a place parallel to the physical world where people can interact via AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) gadgets. As a result, $50B is the estimated cost that whizzes predict AR will reach by 2024. However, science fiction does not precisely depict Metaverse but suggests that our future will have much to do with gadgets.

How to Create Content in the Metaverse?

Typically, two ways people are most commonly using and considering content creation in the Metaverse.

Metaverse takes place on the internet layer, and gaining access to this new technology requires virtual reality headsets to experience it. Selling, purchasing, and creating content become possible in this digital reality.

To create content in the Metaverse, Roblox is an excellent choice. You can analyze the platform’s potential by analyzing the industry giants like Adidas and GUCCI utilizing Roblox to build their digital brands. Further, Nike made their presence felt in Metaverse by introducing ‘Nikeland.’ With its rise, possibilities are infinite.

Moreover, for content creators, an exciting platform is Melon. Here, everything is about NFT. One can trade their social posts here. So, if you have something interesting that is going viral on the internet, make that an NFT, and sell it to the community to earn and entertain at the same time.

What is Content in the Metaverse?

The foundation of the internet is content in various forms that the current Web2 internet version enables, including textual, sound, multimedia, or all of them. Content, on the other hand, isn’t exactly a free resource. As a result, content producers have evolved into opinion leaders, influencers, and the foundations of many essential services organizations rely on, including advertisement, branding, and public relations management.

Possibilities are endless to create captivating content in the Metaverse. Presently, bloggers and digital content producers write articles and posts or make tutorial videos that will give their work a 3rd digital dimension to demonstrate the same work in an immersive way.

One use case is a virtual tour. For example, a travel company can arrange a VR-enabled digital tour with a guiding voice that allows users to roam around the streets of Italy while lying down on the bed. All they do is wear a VR headset and enter into the new reality.

Moreover, think about the cinema hall. We all enjoy movies on a big screen with an acoustic sound system and an environment – an experience that watching something on tv or a laptop can never give. But, on the other hand, watching a movie in the 3D Metaverse environment can truly mesmerize every movie lover who spends countless money on tickets. You can get the same experience at home with endless possibilities of content creation in the Metaverse.

Who can Create Content for Metaverse?

Generating content in a conventional way would still be relevant, but new means will add value that Web 2.0 lacks. Among many, 3D virtual tours and interactive digital environment is one way for content creation in the Metaverse.

The environment will also count as part of content creation, along with supporting the integration of another type of content in it. Considering the same virtual cinema use case, the creator will create a big hall with a screen where one can play their favorite movies and seasons. Everything in it will resemble the actual environment we experience when visiting any movie theatre.

Or consider a virtual library where readers can read the book and achieve the same feeling and connection with the reading material.

As the Metaverse is still in its primitive stage, breaking real-world barriers is the one way to embrace new existence.

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Advantages of Being First to Create Content in the Metaverse

Those trying out this Metaverse concept will stand a great chance to gain success in the domain as they are on time. The answer to the question of how to create a metaverse for a brand is straightforward – the world of AR and VR experience. Anything can be fused with these immersive technologies to combine natural and 3D worlds for a whole new experience and transformation.

With Metaverse, a brand comes out of the static shell and interacts with its customers in new means. Also, people don’t get much excited with traditional digital content as it lacks interactivity. In contrast, the Metaverse is all about interaction. As a result, consumers connect with the brand innovatively, ultimately bringing more sales and profit.

Furthermore, the Metaverse has the potential to boost user-generated information and motivate customers to develop material such as virtual worlds, identities, and brand experiences. Content production in the Metaverse may also assist advertisers in boosting inclusion and diversity by directly depicting a diverse range of audiences in brand experiences. For example, a fashion firm may let all clients try on items in the virtual world. When the Metaverse matures, brands that are first to adopt it will be in a better position to profit from it.

Future of Metaverse

Powered by Blockchain, Metaverse is an integral part of Web 3.0. The future of content in the Metaverse will share a high resemblance with our physical world and will replace several physical activities.

By some vendors, NFT (Non-fungible Token) has become the option to use in Metaverse-based games to get footwear and apparel. But, at the same time, many others are finding their way to the entrance.

As the demand and interest of people in NFT is growing, more and more investment opportunities are unfolding and bringing revenue into everyone’s pocket. From the economic perspective, Metaverse will significantly contribute to NFT’s growth. Video games all alone will take care of billions in the economic treasure.

The gain of profit is massive for both creators and individuals. And the incorporation of NFTs in the games will give the boost to replace traditional reality with a decentralized virtual economy.

Nowadays, a primitive form of the Metaverse exists, with digital items such as NFTs symbolizing popular art and digital artifacts being devoured by capitalists and crypto enthusiasts alike.

How Can Metaverse Help Create Better Future?

Whether indirect or direct, five technologies mentioned below will impact any Metaverse platform and the way they will shape the future.

1. AR Glasses

Human lives will become more dependent on augmented reality. However, glasses will be more mainstream rather than bulky headsets. Google glasses which didn’t receive much attention previously, will be the main ingredient of the entire recipe. Our major part of life will circle and depend on augmented reality in the age of Web 3.0.

2. VR Headsets

Our communication will mainly rely on VR-enabled smart devices. Everyone will carry the headset to exist in the Metaverse. So, VR headsets will be the portal to a new reality where people will work and play. Today, creating a website is necessary for any business; building a 3D virtual space will become paramount in the Metaverse age.

3. Intelligent Health Monitoring via Wearables

Health is wealth; that proverb proved its literal meaning during the pandemic. People started adopting new technologies and innovations to keep them safe. Holding that same notion, next-generation wearables will track health more accurately. Their scope will increase with the rise of the Metaverse.

4. Digital Identity

Possibilities to do anything in the Metaverse is true, but to some extent. Similar to the physical world, there will be rules to follow to remain civil, and violating any law will lead to a penalty. Setting a metaverse foundation with policies is fundamental as it is going to be a giant digital space for humans in the future. And for that, digital identities will play a crucial role.

Similar to our real-world identity, digital identity will be our proof of existence in the Metaverse and represent the digital avatar. When anyone enters the Metaverse, their digital identity and information will be fetched through an avatar.

5. NFT and DeFi (Decentralized finance)

If Metaverse is the body, DeFi is the heart to it. Crypto coins and currencies are the sources of exchange in the virtual environment. It will support the buying and selling of items in the virtual space. It is essential to note that different companies will create different Metaverses and come up with their respective currencies. So, that will be a big challenge for product designers and individuals to manage different currencies for different platforms.

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