E-commerce App Development - A Potent Revenue Catalyst

E-commerce App Development - A Potent Revenue Catalyst

Evolving from brick-and-mortar stores to browsing through a never-ending list of favorites; shopping was never a five-finger exercise. It took hours of exploration.

Today, the tables have turned - with over 5.16 billion active internet users and 4.32 mobile internet users globally. Not adapting to the bliss of digitization - e-commerce apps - can cause businesses to miss out on major opportunities.

To illustrate this, a study states that downloads and e-commerce app usage have significantly grown in the past 2 years. Especially after the Covid-19 pandemic. Does that spark your interest to step up your revenue game? No worries, we've got you covered. This article provides an overview of crucial aspects concerning e-commerce apps. So, if you are looking to avail E-commerce app development services to boost your revenues, read this blog till the end to learn the basics of e-commerce apps.

So, let's start by defining what e-commerce apps are… An E-commerce app is broadly defined as a mobile commerce application. It's a software where consumers can browse and buy products from online space.

As a deeper insight into the potentialities of this term, it's an e-marketplace where consumers can make simple purchases without having to spend hours in a physical store.

And here's the catch. Being a business owner, you get to connect, engage and communicate with the consumers, all while portraying your business-consumer approach through a personalized e-commerce experience.

Key Factors That Influence The E-commerce App Development Process

The entrepreneurial pitch to providing solutions demands opting for user-friendly solutions. Speaking of consumer stats, M-commerce is expected to increase by 8.7% by 2026. And, that's the consumer patterns speaking.

With Gen Z comprising a large portion of all mobile app users, it makes sense to learn their preferences. There are certain factors that influence their purchasing behavior. To mention a few, here are the essential factors to look for while getting an e-commerce app developed:

Prepare For The Requirements That Stand Ahead

With over 26 million e-commerce stores globally available, a business aiming to launch an e-commerce app must be prepared for competition. To create a strong digital presence, that succeeds in getting your audience's attention, you need to choose the best tech stack. Moreover, your application should be designed in a way that communicates your brand vision.

Avoidable Mistakes On Your Way To Success

Although e-commerce apps are widely acclaimed, they require you, as a business owner to be aware of the challenges that might pose an obstacle and hinder you from reaching your goals.

For example, failing to satisfy your customers' expectations or not paying enough attention to your SEO strategy.

How You Can Implement An E-commerce Model

An e-commerce app development company facilitates a smooth and straightforward online shopping experience by developing a customized solution.

Primarily, there are 3 types of e-commerce apps:

B2C E-commerce Apps Digitizing Product And Service Delivery

These are the most commonly available and widely used e-commerce apps. Business-to-Consumer apps aim to form a business-customer relationship where consumers purchase specific products and services from a business.

This business model has shorter business cycles, where most purchases take place at the spur of the moment.

C2C E-commerce Software

This business model fosters a trade connection between 2 or more private consumers, where they exchange or trade products with each other. Such apps allow consumers to list items they wish to sell off or trade.

E-bay and Craigslist are among the well-known and widely used C2C e-commerce apps.

B2B Platforms Aiding Business Collaboration

In a business-to-business type of e-commerce app, there's zero involvement of private consumers. Instead, businesses sell their goods and services to other businesses in an online environment.

For example, a B2B transaction can take place between 2 business entities as wholesalers and online retailers.

Essential Features Of An E-commerce App

Functional design, aesthetic presentation, and user inclusiveness are all the basic elements that need to be integrated into an e-commerce app. These contribute to the app's appeal and overall user experience. When you opt for e-commerce app development from a reputable firm, these are usually taken care of.

Apart from the basics, there are some functional elements that are essential for an e-commerce app to function properly.

Here's a list of the essential features of an e-commerce app:

Add A Shopping Cart

Every e-commerce application has a shopping cart, right? Now, imagine one without it.

To get to the crux, a shopping cart is what leads to the business's dreams, i.e., increased conversions and better revenues.

Your website might have a catalog of eye-catching products. And your consumers need a cart to collect the items that they look forward to purchasing. Right after that, the cart items get checked out.

Include A Search Function

Living in a fast-paced world, an e-commerce app without a search function is more of a drive back to the bygone days. Having to go through an exhaustive search process and browse through numerous products to land on a desired product page. Product inaccessibility is long dead and buried.

To recapitulate; a search function improves the user's experience with the app, aids in enhanced product accessibility, and helps guide the user through the sales funnel toward conversion.

Provide Them With Excellent Customer Support

Customer support is another essential to driving higher effectiveness of the sales funnel. A consumer encounters various touch points while interacting with the app's interface, having an effective customer support mechanism helps the customer towards conversion.

A satisfactory user experience on a consistent basis can lead to customer loyalty, and customer support helps a ton in improving a user's shopping experience.

Generally, consumers need help navigating an online marketplace where they might run into issues and/or have queries regarding the product or the process. Through effective customer support, you can avoid sales funnel leakage and help consumers navigate your app with ease.

Take Your Business Skyward With A Robust E-commerce App

To mention a few, here are the key areas that modern e-commerce apps are redefining.

Enhanced Customer Experience

E-commerce apps generally have a simple and user-friendly interface - catalyzing a painless approach to an enhanced customer journey.

Through this, business owners get a deeper insight into customer lifetime value and take tangible steps in line with their customers' preferences.

Accelerated Revenue And Sales Growth

By providing customers with a convenient shopping experience,e-commerce apps gives businesses the opportunity to drive accelerated sales growth and boost revenues.

More than 50% of worldwide traffic comes from mobile devices, demonstrating a clear hint of the potential revenue you can generate through a tailored e-commerce app for your business.

Increased Brand Visibility

Ultimately, it's what every business wants - increased visibility. Through an e-commerce app, you aren't limited to consumers that live a block away from your store. Or remain restricted to your geographic radius.

While the internet connects the world, you can leverage a payment gateway that supports both - international and local transactions without a confined boundary.

The Contributing Factors To The Significance Of E-commerce App Development

Within 3 years, 24% of retail purchases are expected to take place online, which portrays a definite rise in e-commerce app development in the coming years.

However, this significance derives from the fact that e-commerce is a revamped version of brick-and-mortar stores – one that offers an interactive, hassle-free, and enjoyable shopping experience.

Creating a strong online presence and connecting with an e-commerce app development company can help you establish your brand identity and expand brand awareness within the web.

While the sky's the limit for e-commerce models, here are the essential factors that contribute to the significance of e-commerce apps:

  • E-commerce app conversions are mounting up within a span of a few years.
  • 78% of consumers prefer purchasing from an e-commerce app to a site.
  • An E-Commerce app's conversion rate is 130% higher than a mobile browser.
  • There's a boosted Average Order Value (AVG).
  • You offer your consumers a personalized shopping experience.

Ready to Drum Up Your Sales Revenue Through E-commerce Application Development?

With an expectation to hit over a $710 Billion margin, the e-commerce market is on the rise.

Hence if your business could benefit from an e-commerce app, now is the time to partner with a top e-commerce application development company that can do it all for you, Cubix being one of them. Our e-commerce development team will be excited to help you.

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