How Ecommerce Store Can Be Helpful to Get More Revenue Then Local Store In 2020

How Ecommerce Store Can Be Helpful to Get More Revenue Then Local Store In 2020

Are you still coping & struggling hard to operate your local store but unable to increase sales? We are in a digital world today where people expect high-quality, advanced products and hassle-free processes such as shopping from home. The sooner you come in contact with an ecommerce development company, the better your revenue will take shape. Worldwide ecommerce sales summed to almost 3.6 trillion dollars globally in the year 2019. By the statistics, we can estimate what the amount can reach up to in 2020. Be a part of this thriving industry today by setting up a sound ecommerce store.

What do the prospects of ecommerce look like?

If you have any stocked up ecommerce store ideas, then it is time to look deeply into those ideas as the future of ecommerce in 2020 is highly promising. Let us look at the top trends that will bring in impactful changes:

  • Importance of emerging markets – India, Russia, South Africa and Brazil are some of the most rewarding emerging markets that will literally shape the upcoming ecommerce industry.

  • As per estimation, almost 4 billion buyers from these emerging markets will gain access to the web by the year 2022. This means that ecommerce revenue will skyrocket as the numbers suggest the incoming of a massive amount of potential customers.

  • Also, 30% of every retail sale in the year 2022 will arrive from customers who presently exist in the emerging markets. This means an ecommerce store setup can get hands on a massive amount of potential sales.

  • Interactive products – One ecommerce demerit that will always be there is that consumers can never check out the products from proximity prior to purchasing. Ecommerce does not work like brick & mortar stores. Almost 53% of consumers in a 2018 survey said that the only drawback they experience with online shopping is that they are unable to touch & feel and then buy products.

  • But we cannot lose hope here as ecommerce retail store growth trends are truly notable; all thanks to the advancing technologies. The technology called Augmented Reality lets you craft enticing & hypnotic shopping experiences where the shoppers will have the opportunity of engaging with the products.

  • For instance, ecommerce store Shopify will also be a rising trend as Shopify AR permits brands to display consumers the products in very natural environments. Customers can automatically take great decisions in a speedier manner as they can learn with the technology whether the product fits their purpose or not.

  • Online vs. physical debate – It is important to talk about the online vs. physical debate that is an ever growing one in regards to the ecommerce future. Usually people within the realm of today’s ecommerce industry fall under two camps in context to the debate.

  • There is one group of people that consider that it will not be long before the brick & mortar stores will fade away in goodwill of a more massive shift towards virtual shopping.

  • Then there is that section of people who think physical shopping will be inflowing into a renaissance period.

So what is our take on it?

This fact is undeniable that the enlargement of brick & mortar are still not valuable possessions for the various ecommerce brands. Instead of performing as a real-life edition of the online stores, the brick & mortar store locations will be toggling towards putting forward exclusive shopping experiences.

We can learn about this more from the example of Nike. This is a brand that has expanded in Shanghai as well as New York and they possess untouched and fresh experiential shopping sites. They are also calling the locations – Houses of Innovation.

  • B2B – B2C no longer can dominate ecommerce. By the end of 2020, B2B ecommerce revenue models and sales are anticipated to rise to almost $6.6 trillion.
  • The ecommerce store in 2020 trend that will witness companies purchasing products, services, software for their very own workforce is truly promising. Now more than ever, companies need to get hands on the software that can automate several procedures at once. Companies will also largely invest in finest ergonomic chairs for the comfort & wellbeing of the staff.
  • Wholesalers selling products to retailers within the realm of B2B is a phenomenon that is fading away slowly. B2B is now a flourishing industry that is powered largely by technology companies & SaaS. Almost every day people are receiving gifts in the form of a new tool that carries the potential of recreating or automating activities that offers relief from manual tasks carried out on the desks.
  • Fulfillment & shipping – A sloth like trend but the ecommerce growth strategy trend that seems to have a lot of possibilities is shipping and fulfillment centers on a worldwide basis. More customers are purchasing products online these days which means the requirement of fulfillment centers will also increase that can ship & deliver the products in a short time span.
  • All over the world, these centers are undergoing automation & becoming smarter as well. With the full-service shipping & fulfillment networks, you can ensure speedy shipping, fantastic brand representation to consumers beginning from checkout to the area of delivery & a lot more.
  • Ecommerce entrepreneurs of the present times along with professional help from ecommerce Development Company are benefitting from emerging & promising e commerce hubs. Automatically your products reach closer to the customers when you carry inventory in a multitude of locations across the country or the globe. This also means Diminished Transport Expenses & time
  • The race for speedier delivery has never been more bloodthirsty like today’s time but you can always get hands on inexpensive methods to compete.

Wrapping it up

An ecommerce Development Company in the upcoming times will witness the incoming of huge amounts of revenue. This is because ecommerce growth statistics especially in the future years are very promising. There are going to be innovations for both buyers & businesses. You need to keep a track on all the transformations on today’s ecommerce landscape as the competition is getting challenging day by day. But when you hire an ecommerce developer & hire a Magento developer, you will never need to go through the challenges alone. Contact us today for making your business ecommerce in 2020 take flight.

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