How will AI-Artificial Intelligence Revolutionize the Future of Game Development?


8 Feb, 2021


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Today the gaming industry market is worth more than a hundred billion dollars. Due to such demand, the industry is looking for more innovative ways to expand its brands. While terms like Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR) are the future of mobile game apps, AI (Artificial Intelligence) is the right technology that comes into our minds immediately when we think of real-time games.

Artificial Intelligence services are equally significant for many game development companies to attract more customers, develop smarter and interactive games. There are many ways through which AI-Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing, among all of them, five ways are addressed below;

Building Smart Games

Nowadays, many of us still use scripting to control NPCs (Non-payable characters) in games. Heuristic algorithms and AI games are now incorporated to control NPCs. The characters of your game also learn from the opposite player’s actions and change their behavior, respectively. You can witness this concept in Nintendo’s, where it showcases a real-time pet simulation video.

Ultimately, game developers aim to design a robust system that understands noise, speech, action, and much more within the game. They can tweak the scenarios at the different levels of the game accordingly.

This approach also needs modern AI techniques like reinforcement learning and pattern recognition.

Such techniques will allow characters within the game to self-learn and evolve from their action.

Moreover, many game industries have identified this technique, but very few are implementing these ideas successfully. Games like the Sims and FEAR are examples of modern AI techniques. Adopting well-known AI techniques in your game is quite limited because such apps have the whole gaming industry buzzing.

Making Games More Realistic

AI technology is delivering a realistic gaming experience to gamers and has grown leaps over the past ten years in the game industry. You may see a tremendous advancement in physics-based simulations, 3D visualization techniques, and much more, the inclusion of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in games.

AR and VR are empowering game developers to build visually appealing and interactive games. During the launch of these types of games, the games have evolved too. Now games not only want attractive graphics, but they want games to give a real-world experience. This is quite a big and complex challenge for many developers, but developers can address and fulfill the needs thanks to AI.

The image of a game you download can respond or interpret your actions and anticipate your next act and move accordingly. With AI, your opponent will respond to Y on the action X. AI will help you find the most suitable alternative in real-time and make the game more enjoyable and realistic for gamers.

Improvise Overall Game Experience

Have you ever played EA sports’ FIFA 17? Well, its Ultimate Team mode is the best real-time world example. This game is more like a fantasy draft; here, you can choose one out of five players for each team position. After that, AI determines the chemistry of your team automatically based on your preferences.

Your team’s chemistry is essential because you may have more chances to play well with high potential in team chemistry. Also, AI makes your gaming experience much better with interactive features. How? Well, think of a moment, you’re about to lose a match against a team- the AI will react and boost the morale of your team by increasing fan chants. This will automatically affect players’ performances positively.

These days, gamers pay plenty of attention to every detail in the game- this does include not only high-end graphics and visual appearance but also how interactive and immersive a game is, in every way. AI has the capabilities to make your gaming experience amazing via real-time customization.

Transform Developer Skills

The community of game developers always appreciate innovation and adopt cutting-edge technology to enhance their creativity and technical skills. Indeed, the notion of AI games is changing quite drastically. Concepts like pathfinding, smarter function-based, rule-based AI, and the inclusion of genetic algorithms are like fuzzy logic. Not on a large scale, but it’s increasingly incorporated in games.

While implementing academic AI techniques, you may face few challenges. But once you overcome them, you can expect to embed AI techniques and algorithms more seamlessly with old-fashion game development skills.

Combining Smartphones with Smart Games

Currently, the rise of the mobile game industry is playing a vital role in generating more revenue than ever. Tablets or smartphones, all the devices are processing high power, which is increasing quite rapidly. This growth allows developers to build more immersive and interactive mobile game applications.

Therefore, it’s significantly noteworthy that smartphone games’ processing power is yet to win their desktop counterpart. At this stage, the lack of a gaming console is still beyond the comparison. To resolve this issue, mobile game developers are experimenting with various AI algorithms and machine learning to make smart mobile games. This experiment still adheres to the limit of the smartphone’s processing power.

When you compare today’s mobile game with a five-year-old game, you will have a massive switch in interaction, visual appearance, and other features. New deep learning frameworks, machine learning, and libraries are built to handle specific issues. There are several other tools and techniques which can help developers build more interactive and smarter mobile games.

Reduce Cost & Time Duration

The collective term for the game design elements you may hear is PCG (Procedural Content Generation). Elements like level, creating a storyline, music, weapons, characters, looks, etc. The world’s famous and enthusiastic mobile game developers rely on talented artists and experienced developers for PCG.

However, AI is capable enough to handle all the tasks of human designers and developers effectively. AI can also select the ideal and most suitable mobile game development tools for every task. This allows many game development organizations to reduce workload and start working smartly rather than hardly. Smart work will reduce the net cost of the whole game development process.

When you use AI algorithms for time-consuming tasks, it will decrease the overall time and errors that may occur while completing a task. The involvement of AI on a large scale can lead developers towards betterment. They can expect to build new games at a lower budget and shorter periods. This is one reason behind the rapid growth of small-scale companies that are offering outstanding game development services.

Build More Personalized Games

People worldwide are different from one another, so are their skills of playing a realistic and smart game. Many mobile games allow a player to select the difficulty level by himself/herself; this option gives them a comfortable environment. With AI algorithms, you can revolutionize this entire process.

Mobile game developers are endeavoring to utilize AI to build more malleable in-game rules. This way, AI will understand a player’s choices, likes, dislikes, skills, etc.

Once the system understands the user’s nature, AI will modify the difficulty level accordingly. The motive is to build a personalized game and deliver a better gaming experience.

The alternative way to improvise a player’s satisfaction and engagement is via AI. Through AI, you can automatically redesign a game and allow a game’s environment to modify continuously. It allows a player to play the same game repeatedly and encounter various but fresh storylines.

In Conclusion

Those days are long gone when gamers prefer to play games to pass the time or for their entertainment. The gaming industry is one of the most profitable, and Cubix is a part of this industry.

Cubix Hero? You must have heard it before. For the past 12+ years, Cubix provides advanced game development services and Artificial Intelligence services for hundreds of businesses worldwide. When you hire them, they’ll deliver a great experience. Its because the developers ensure to deliver intelligent, immersive, and interactive games with full potential.



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