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9 Jun, 2022


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Online games have become the most significant part of the software industry thanks to online earning opportunities through p2e games comprising interesting storylines, exciting gaming features, and the possibility to connect to game enthusiasts worldwide.

Yes, such an extreme thrill in single online gameplay!

Among the revenues-generating online games is slot games which have earned significant attention from online gamblers and game developers. So, let’s identify how much it will cost for slot game development.

What is Slot Game Development?

Online slot game development is quite a challenging task. Slot game development involves slot theme, mechanics, audio, RNG software, and visuals. Furthermore, game graphic artists design the slot themes, keeping the overall game theme upfront.

The slot game comprises the mechanics that best fit the decided theme. The mechanic involves determining the number of times a wheel should spin or what similar symbols a player needs to match to unlock some special in-game feature. Therefore, the developers define the appearance of symbols/items configurated to the data while the data model has already been set for the items.

For slot game development, the random number generator (RNG) algorithm is used for slots in casino games, randomly generating numbers that offer real fun to players. At the same time, they keep guessing whether the numbers/symbols will match.

There’s much more you can modify in your slot game with the expertise of the slot game development team. However, the cost of developing a slot game will vary according to the tailored development.

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Types of Online Slot Games

Classic 3-reel Slot Games

Slot game type is easy to play, and its variety is usually found in casino games. However, the winning possibilities in the 3-reel slot are higher, and you may win more prizes or bet.

Video Slot (5-Reel Slot Game)

To add more fun to the slot gaming experience, the 5-reel slot game makes the slot game exciting as the gambler’s winning chances depend on the five exact matches; however, these slots come with different pay lines.

Progressive Slots

Progressive slots are based on the jackpots that keep increasing until one lucky player wins the bet. Though the winning percentage in the jackpot slots seems relatively low compared to other slot types, the winner gets massive jackpot rewards in the end.

Interactive Slot

This type of slot is also called I-slots, which involve a progressive story feature where the users are hooked with engaging game content comprising skill-based mini-games to win the bonuses and win more rewards.

VR Slot

Online VR slots offer users a realistic virtual environment to gain the real-life casino gameplay feels. The VR slot game offers realistic interaction in the virtual game room, just like the user participates in real-world casino games.

How Does Online Slot Game Work?

Random Number Generator (RNG)

Online slot games have always gained the attention of gamblers, and therefore, online casino games have offered massive jackpots and incredible rewards purely based on luck. Online slot games work on the (Random number generator) RNG algorithm to generate random sequences within milliseconds.

RTP Value

Slot gameplay is purely based on luck which means the gameplay is based on transparency. The slot game offers an instant on-spot outcome that is based on mathematical algorithms. Moreover, all online slot games have separate RTP (return to player) rates.

The RTP value helps you determine how much you can expect to win back at your wagered amount. However, a slot having 96% on average is better, and therefore, your chances will be higher to win with a higher RTP.

Catchy Game Features and Slot Symbols

Slot games offer attention-grabbing trigger features that keep players staring at their screen with their aesthetic color patterns, eye-catchy themes, sound effects, and slot types.

The Betting Amount

When playing online slot games, the user bets on a specific amount and spins the wheel. Therefore, slot game development also includes the increment and decrement of better’s credit. A particular betting amount gets deducted from your account, and if (luckily) the slot items/symbols/numbers match the pay line, the user wins the bet.

Delay Time

Once the wheel is started, the player waits for some time until the wheel gets stopped. However, by default, each slot spin duration spans from 200 ms to 250 ms, but developers can change the spin time with a random delay.

Why Develop a Slot game?

As mentioned above, online slot games have become the favorite games recently and have raised the gambling market to unexpected heights. The statistics show that the current online gambling world has generated almost 59B U.S dollars and is expected to hit 92.9B dollars by 2023.

Casino games and poker game development are fastening the growth of online gambling in particular. You just need to get familiar with slot game and its importance in the business and gambling world. Therefore, let’s highlight some other inspiring facts to develop a slot game.

Online slot games offer users the feasibility to bet and win rewards within their convenient means while they are leveraged to play on their chosen slots. Moreover, 24/7 game availability, slot types, slot tournaments, huge rewards, and incentives are some reasons why gamblers are more inclined towards online slot games.

Rapid Business Growth

The online gaming industry is focused on reaching new heights of success as compared to the past. It even surpassed the film and music industry with a revenue generation of $155B U.S dollars in 2020, and it is predicted that it will hit more than $260B by 2025.

Moreover, people are more interested in gambling online, and it offers businesses and entrepreneurs to gain massive profits. Another advantage of slot game development is the feasibility of getting extensive audience reach and targeting specific markets with your tailor-made slot games.

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Factors Affecting the Cost of Slot Game Development

Like every software, the cost of slot game development depends on the game development requirements like functionality, features, design, development duration, etc. Some important factors are mentioned below:


The first crucial factor in determining the cost of developing the slot game is location. If you hire professionals from American regions like the USA, it will cost you more as compared to the Asian regions. Moreover, the well-versed expertise of your hired slot game development company or team also varies your slot game development cost.


Every game achieves outstanding success if veteran designers craft it with an impactful storyline and nifty game features. Therefore, build an elegant game design to increase your slot game user range with an appealing game design that hooks your audience.

This factor creates cost variation in any game genre because the design and animation are created after game idea analysis, audience interest, and game architecture design to ensure that it offers an exceptional user experience.


Your game speaks volumes about your business and helps elevate it in the market. The cost of developing a slot game can be estimated after analyzing your game size, complexity, features, functionality, framework, etc.

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Cost to Develop an Online Slot Game

The cost depends on your game development idea. However, according to the factors mentioned above, the cost to develop an online slot game ranges from $25,000 exceeds $200,000, depending on your requirements.

Cost of Hiring Developers for Slot Game Development

If you decide to hire remote slot game developers, hire them on the basis of two factors:

  • 1. Development experience and expertise.
  • 2. The location.

However, slot game developers charge an average of $25 to $50 per hour.

Why Choose Cubix for Slot Game Development

Cubix ranks top among the expert game development companies that have deployed many robust and high-functioning games that have leveraged businesses with top-charted revenues.

Introduce the well-crafted slot game to the worldwide gamblers with the help of Cubix’s veteran workforce that promises to deploy awe-inspiring slot games that gamblers never get tired of playing.

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