Complete Guide: How to Outsource App Development Successfully in 2024

Hamza Ali

7 Jul, 2022


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Creative ideas are more likely to become world-class solutions if they have the right ingredients. 

Certainly, your mobile app concept can be worth pursuing. However, if you want to determine whether or not your concept has commercial viability, you’ll have to pay due diligence to a great many factors when analyzing your concept; you need to brainstorm your idea with an experienced and technologically capable team. Only then can you even think about pouring your valuable time and money into production.

If you’re keen to tap the market but lack the required skills, you can consider outsourcing your projects. There are several things to gain when you outsource app development projects that we’d like to talk about here. And so, we’ve put up a few pointers to help you work with remote outsourcing IT staff with the aim of being more productive through mitigating risks and roadblocks.

How To Choose An App Development Company That Matches Your Project Needs

Mobile app development is a key financial investment for businesses of all kinds, and finding the perfect firm to develop your app exactly how you envision it can be challenging. The guidelines presented here are intended to ensure a straightforward process when selecting an app development company aligned with your project needs.

So, how do you pick a mobile app outsourcing company that meets your project needs?

Make A List Of Top Companies Based On Your Research

When it comes to choosing the ideal company, a little research may go a long way. You must gather as much information about them; the solutions they provide that can be determined on their website, and their course of action toward mobile app development, which can mean a lot of things including how they entertain you from the first time you make contact with them and onward from there.

Submit A Request For Proposal (RFP)

Start by revisiting your project goals and the key performance indicators (KPIs) that you’ve already established once you’ve compiled a list of prospective companies. You may then come up with a list of services, requirements, and technical challenges that you want the company to address in its proposal.

You may also wish to build an evaluation system as an essential checkpoint for this procedure since an assessment framework may help you authenticate the insights you obtain from the proposal.

Examine The Company’s Dedication

You may find yourself opting for a committed outsourcing development company that has an incredibly active trail in regional, national, and worldwide developer communities. Such a company would be propelled by enthusiasm above everything, and would be best geared toward bring fresh perspectives that may help you achieve your business objectives.

Is The Company Well-Versed In Mobile Technologies?

AI, machine learning, Big Data, Business Analytics, and Blockchain development are all transforming the way people interact with each other. A competent mobile app outsourcing company will know how to integrate these and other trending technologies to improve your app’s performance, relevancy, and attractiveness.

So, regardless of how you look at it, a company that keeps up with technological advancements and knows how to use them to enhance your app, is a huge plus.

How Vital Is The User Experience To The Company?

When it comes to mobile app development, user experience is fundamental. It’s essential if you want your application to be installed and promoted. To that end, you should choose a company that has a high level of expertise in terms of creative design and a genuine understanding of how to create a phenomenal user experience.

Determine App Development Cost

When it comes to determining your application outsourcing cost, you need to analyze your desired app thoroughly. Broadly, that will start with your app idea, but will need you to strip down every detail including all the features of your app since each feature requires a minimum number of man hours. Logically, there are no low-cost plans although there may be a bare minimum cost.

How To Outsource Mobile App Development

Finding and hiring the finest outsource app development service can be challenging. We offer a few app outsourcing recommendations concerning how you can make the best decision quickly:

Visit Review Sites

First and foremost, you can visit service rating sites like Clutch and GoodFirms, where clients post detailed reviews concerning their experience working with outsource app development companies. You may use Google to check upon almost any company’s performance in the industry.

Request For Referrals

One of your acquaintances may have worked with an app development outsourcing company before. Simply ask for their feedback. Then, start planning for interviews and portfolio reviews, and negotiations once you’ve narrowed down your selection of app development companies.

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Why Outsource Mobile App Development?

There could be a range of reasons why you may not be able to get in-house mobile app development services. For example, you may lack the necessary equipment, skills, or resources.

If your in-house development staff is overburdened with tasks, you’ll need to find a reliable outsourcing development company to assist you with mobile app development. This is true for many companies that get overwhelmed and then realize they need external help.

Furthermore, mobile app development does not stop after the product is out. There is post development support required along with possible grades in time to come.

As a result, companies have two options: make improvements themselves or hire a mobile app development company. The latter is a good option, and below are some advantages that make outsourcing a feasible business solution.

Outsourcing Is Economical

There’s no mystery about programmers from Eastern Europe’s IT cluster (Poland or Belarus) costing less than those from Silicon Valley.

Simultaneously, the number of Eastern outsourcing businesses, agencies, and individual contractors is rising. Consider Ukraine, where the labor market is flooded with excellent programmers (teams and individual contractors) that can offer a decent application outsourcing cost.

Outsourcing Provides Flexibility

Businesses now expect more flexibility, and they endeavor to adapt, expand or reduce the development team shortly and according to their business needs.

Additionally, by outsourcing, you can work with any team or with individual contractors from any part over the world according to a schedule that suits you. So, if you need flexibility in your work, outsourcing might be an option that suits you.

In many areas of collaboration, businesses increasingly desire more freedom. Several companies wish to quickly adjust, extend, or downsize the development workforce based on business demands.

Furthermore, outsourcing allows you to work with any team or individual contractor from anywhere globally at your preferred time. If you want flexibility in your work, outsourcing may be the best alternative.

Access To The Talent Pool

To ensure your app develops a strong position in the market, and depending on the type of app it is, you might need specialists in quantum computing, finance, AI, and machine learning. However, finding such expertise in the local labor market can be a challenge.

Outsourcing may make things more convenient in this situation. When you outsource mobile app development, you have access to a vast pool of experts. You may also pick a squad with a convenient time zone and a fair price policy.

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Steps To Outsource Mobile App Development

So, you’ve chosen to hire an app development company. That’s terrific, but how do you know where you should begin? So, it’s advisable to take your time and figure out what you want out from the team you assemble? The following application outsourcing model step by step can help.

Step 1: Know Your Motive And Goals

Although a reputable mobile app outsourcing company may help you develop a marketing strategy and conduct a business analysis, you must have a clear vision of your product. Finding a service provider and setting objectives for what you want to achieve at end of the process will be a lot easier.

Furthermore, suppose you work with individual app developers rather than a company. In that case, the specificity of your plans is even more critical because a misconception on any team member’s part might result in significant obstacles or even an entirely different app from what you intended.

So, when preparing responses to the following important questions, be as clear and as detailed as possible.

Ask yourself:

  • What are your objectives for your app?
  • What problems should the app solve for users?
  • Do you want to make an app for iOS, Android, or both?
  • What if I build a hybrid app?
  • What features are necessary for your app?
  • How do you intend to monetize your app?

Step 2: Research For Best Outsourcing Options

The next step is to explore a mobile app development company. However, you may ask, “Where should you I look?” Fortunately, as we said earlier, there are various hiring portals with profiles of outsourcing companies or contractors. Clutch is one source through which you can review some of these portals and also gain some input concerning their performance based on experience, expertise, and client project fulfillment.


Clutch is a platform where you go when you need an outsourced company. This is a highly rated business-to-business database that lists outsourcing firms by region, rating, and expertise. Clutch includes search options, categories, classifications, and even reviews of outsourcing companies to aid you in your search.

It also provides detailed input concerning each listed company, such as technical expertise, clients, portfolios, reviews, and, most importantly, it only shows verified software development companies. Clients are openly permitted to give their honest feedback regarding their project’s development, team assistance, support, etc.

Moreover, Clutch also provides quick stats like company focus, minimum project size, hourly rates, number of employees, and development track record of each company.

Step 3: Dive Deep To Determine Past Performance

Assume you’re actively seeking a team and interviewing candidates one by one. At this stage, it’s vital to concentrate on the background of the outsourcing development company. Here are some areas to look at to gain better insight:

Active Case Studies

Case studies offer evidence of a team’s knowledge, expertise, and experience. Outsourcing companies use these to demonstrate their expertise and experience, highlight the technology stack they used for past projects, and explain why they adopted a particular technical methodology.


Regulations, technological restrictions, and market rivalry all play a role in determining the success of your app. As a result, a team’s experience in a particular area can be critical to your success. And so, this is a point that you must be aware of.

Past Clients And Projects

Hearing what others say about your prospective outsourcing partner is a useful method for assessment. Examining prior client evaluations is another way of learning more about a possible outsourcing partner. You may request demo work from organizations or go through prior projects that will likely be on their portfolios. This can give you a sense of their capabilities.

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Cost Of Outsourcing Mobile App Development

Your application outsourcing cost can be determined based on a variety of factors, including your prospective app’s complexity, functionality, platform, tools that will be utilized to build it, and few other factors. Even the outsourcing company’s location has an impact on the entire cost of the app. However, due to pricing disparities across locations, outsourcing can save you thousands of dollars.

For instance, North America, Western Europe, and Australia are costly locations when it comes to app development, with app developers asking for up to $250 per hour. On the other hand, Eastern European developers (particularly in Ukraine, Poland, and Belarus) produce software of equivalent quality for two to three times less, starting at $30 per hour and going up to $110 per hour. While companies in South Asia, East Asia, and Africa offer prices as low as $10 per hour.

Payment Model For Outsourcing Mobile App Development

If you opt for outsource mobile app development, there are two payment models to consider:

Hourly Payment

The most common, transparent, and flexible payment model is the hourly payment one, which allows you to pay just for the duration your team works, and you can modify the scope or team composition at any given time during the development process.

However, because you can’t always forecast how long app development will take, hourly pricing provides you with less financial control. Therefore, this approach is best suited for companies with minimal understanding of the target market or the project scope is under rapid development.

Fixed Payment

Fixed payments have a minimal chance of unwelcomed surprises, additional charges, or mistrust, but also lacks flexibility due to the time and effort required to provide thorough specifications and calculate the duration. A fixed payment makes sense if your project is small and you can readily foresee how long it will take.

How Cubix Can Help

Cubix has developed a proprietary “rapid application outsourcing model” that blends the most productive components of extreme programming quality standards with an accelerated and strenuous requirement-gathering process, all within a structured, data-driven framework that is flexible, transparent, and comprehensive for almost all its clients.

This approach works and has proven itself across many years of implementation. As a result, Cubix delivers finished goods to customers in two weeks, rather than the eight weeks that some traditional development alternatives may require.

Cubix has extensive expertise in turning around “crisis” projects that have been inherited from other organizations, transforming them into “dream projects.” The company has demonstrated pure professionalism when it comes to meeting deadlines and operating well within given budgets. They’ve even dealt with complicated financial trading and banking applications, providing them with the most cost-effective payment model to maximize productivity.

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Final Words

Hopefully, the question concerning how to outsource app development will no longer be as intimidating as it was. Outsourcing application development is the most cost-effective alternative, especially if you are a small company with limited resources. Of course, outsourcing isn’t a magic wand since there are some risks to consider, but they may be avoided when hire with professionals with the right expertise and experience.

Cubix has extensive experience in the domain of app development and is always ready to assist clients with developing a world-class product. So just drop us a line to get the conversation started.


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