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20 Oct, 2022


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From the 1970s, people have been eyewitnesses to the vast and rapid evolution of the world, and we, as a modern generation, can sometimes predict what the future holds for the coming generations – because; technology never stops evolving. Based on that, people have gotten into the habit of determining patterns to various developments with particular regard to technological evolution.

And so, the VP tech role among other similar ones, developed. Today, a position of this kind is often critical to the stability and advancement of not just tech companies but others who at some point may be affected by technological evolutions.

How Does Our VP of Technology Add Value to Operations with IT Trends in 2022?

In the past, many IT trends became a sensation in the development industry, and, with time, dug into the heart of the internet. That said, when public access to the internet became prevalent in the 1990s, the VP – Technology role demanded their active involvement in the IT-business strategy development to gear business ventures toward digital transformation.

Our VP of Technology at Cubix leads and empowers IT-business operations with a quick-witted and an informed approach. At the same time, the role demands monitoring economic shifts and studying digital transformation, and, with that, the latest IT trends in 2022 and beyond. Moreover, the role determines what works best for the IT and business sectors.

Exploring and Determining Tech Trends

The VP’s role entails collecting information about the latest trends that can be utilized in project development. Quickly ascertaining trends that pertain to technology and their future scope would be most important, while collaborating with business analysts to build result-driven business leveraging strategies would be equally crucial to impacting an organization.

It’s the VP’s role to align enterprises with current IT trends in business by building and launching projects that comprise all the facts that lead businesses to success. To explain this more clearly, we focused on last year’s IT trends, i.e., FinTech trends, etc.

We are currently geared toward blockchain and NFT project development because this decentralized platform is the current trend and the current/next big thing. The earlier determination of the shift in IT trends kept us ahead of market demands. We could tell that there was something developing.

So, in 2017-2018 we started getting in on the act, aligning ourselves as closely as possible to all things happening in the financial tech area, which at that time was just about the only industry leveraging blockchain technology for higher security aside from the early Bitcoin efforts in 2009-2010. Like us, we suppose a few other tech companies were aware of the history and proceedings when it came blockchain tech and the cryptocurrency early days.

To digress a bit, the reason for this assumption; never assume you’re the only one observing and monitoring tech trends.

The Importance of Your Public Image

Another factor that adds value to the operations is the networking and healthy relations you have with tech gurus that keep you updated about the IT trends. While we have our own insights, you can always learn from your fraternity.

If you’re likeable i.e., if you have built a good public image and have networked well, people will be willing to share their thoughts with you. Moreover, frequent workshops and brainstorming sessions with tech geeks and peers add value. And if our VP doesn’t feel convinced with the mentioned facts, a meeting is called wherein tech industry professionals may provide in-depth insight into ongoing IT trends.

What Effective Tools and Resources Do We Use?

To determine the ongoing IT trends in business and offer high value customer service to people, we harness the latest resources and technologies that aid digital transformation.

That said, tools that almost anyone can use mainly include: Google Scholar, Google Trends, Google Keyword Planner, Uber Suggests, and some more tools for trending and high-ranking keywords. Moreover, we dig into depth withThink with Google to analyze relatable data and determine the latest trends and insights

It’s surprising that compared to the wide availability of these fantastic tools, many do not leverage their full value. However, apart from these free tools, there are others that our VP Tech and team members use. Some may be pricey but also offer value.

Apart from that, we gather the latest trending information from value-driven webinars and podcasts

about business and tech leaders and track down what tech gurus follow. In addition, our team improves business performance criteria and processes by shortlisting crucial factors through trend analysis.

This approach helps our VP of Technology compare past business data with current market demand and allows him to identify business success progress and underperforming business elements to make decisions accordingly.

Furthermore, as we have developed and launched some major projects for government departments. Our VP gets more insight into the standard requirements for a particular project type at this official level. These types of contracts help us determine which tech trends are hot in the market or are a preference such levels.

A healthy competition with top-level partners results in polished skills and better outcomes. Therefore, our VP keeps the development team updated with the latest tech trends, but also conducts SWOT analyses (Strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats) and competitive market analyses.

What Strategies Did Our VP Technology Make During the COVID-19 Outbreak?

The situation was dreadful, and the world was in chaos. The year 2020 started with a death note and ended with creating a literal mess in almost every industrial sector. However, technology sailed in as inflatable rescue boats and prevented thousands of businesses from sinking.

However, a survey found that businesses that survived the pandemic crisis were older, well-established, and productive. It is also noteworthy that many global businesses improved their resilience when surviving the covid-19 era.

On the other hand, Cubix’ VP – Technology had a plan that could help businesses that were on the verge of doom. To that end, the company was able to take the lead hallmarking a major digital transformation and built an incredible strategy that helped itself and many other entities remain afloat and even make stunning progress.

A conference took place and the development of two significant projectsAspired and Designster – was accepted (that Cubix owns). These projects were meant to ensure great value customer service during covid crises, which enabled worldwide clients to hire remote tech talent from us and utilize their incredible skills in project development.

These projects proved to be the value-driven decision of our VP, who added value to many worldwide businesses with their powerful market research techniques for business.

The Current Scenario

At present, Cubix is exclusively dedicated to developing NFT-based games using blockchain technologies, while other projects are under development alongside. One thing that distinguishes us from the rest is our trust-building factor among our clientele. To that end, we put our tireless efforts into providing great value customer service to anyone who knocks on our door.

Proudly, our VP Technology have played a significant role with their wittiness in thorough research on project scope on decided tech stacks while our team developed and deployed many cutting-edge projects keeping upfront IT trends in 2022.

As a result, we and our global clientele feel gratified with our developed projects that are fully geared towards innovation and are capable of meeting modern business expectations for an enduring period.

We welcome global customers to consult with us concerning any software development service they may need to avail for the dream projects.



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