What is Web Game Development? Important Aspects to Know

Kinza Tahir

28 Feb, 2023


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Web Game Development

You must be wondering what is web game development. Well, we are here to answer your question!

Web game development helps create a game that is compatible with the web and can be easily played on desktops and PCs. We will talk about several stages of game development in detail.

From ideation to launch, there are a lot of aspects that need to be considered. So, let’s get right into it.

The Seven Stages of Web Game Development

Here are the seven stages of game development that need to be kept in mind before developing a web game.

Ideation, Concept, and Planning

There are several questions to answer here, such as:

  • What type the web game, such as RPG or MMORPG?
  • Who is the target audience?
  • What are the characters and story setting?
  • What are the technicalities such as scripting language and outsourcing?
  • What is the size of the team that is required?
  • What is the budget overall, and how much will be spent on marketing and promotion?

Pre-production with Writers, Designers, and Developers

The narrative of the story should be decided at this stage with storyboarding. In addition, the writers, designers, and developers should be collaborating at this point to discuss the number of characters, visuals, colors, and typography, amongst others.

Production with a Scripting Language, Sound Design, and Visual Effects

This is a challenging phase as pre-production has been done, and all the questions regarding the game have been answered. It’s time to start producing the game with a scripting language, sound design, and visual effects. Depending on the budget, you can hire a web game development company that will look after all your needs.

Testing with Multiple Gamers

There needs to be quality control, and for that, the game needs to be tested by multiple players so that they can give feedback if there are any glitches. With web game development services, you can easily launch a game without hassle or worry as they look after all the development phases.

Pre-launch with a Beta Version

Once the game is ready, give it a pre-launch or a soft launch amongst a small group. It can be your family or friends that can give a reaction on how they see the game. You may have self-doubt and jitters, but it is all about feeling confident about your web game.

Launch the Game

After getting feedback on performance, you can further polish the game and start the process of releasing the game. A web game development company will do a fascinating job launching your game. After that, you can decide the budget and go for web game development services that will look after your needs.

Post-launch to Squish Minor Bugs

Once the game is released, it has to be perfected, and there will be times when minor bugs need to be fixed. Gamers will report through feedback forums and keep giving feedback on improving the game. It is essential to take in the feedback and squish any minor bugs that come in the way.


Now that you know what is web game development and the several stages it requires, you are now ready to take on the world. The stages are important aspects of web game development as they showcase the importance of conceptualization.

There are multiple questions that need to be answered before stepping into the gaming industry.

You must realize that there will be limitations amidst tools, some deadlines will not be met, and once in a while, a surprise bug may come along the way. However, it is vital to remember that you must keep striving and working on the web game to make it sleek for gamers.


Kinza Tahir

Kinza Tahir has been writing for the last decade and believes in weaving creativity through words. Her interests include music, travelling, and digital marketing.

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