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About Glamic:For

A platform that offers beauty services and earning opportunities all under one roof. Glow and grow with the Glamic app offering an incredible user experience.

Cubix shakes hands with Glamic to create a business-to-consumer Android and iOS app-based platform where pro beauticians and stylists are crowded and can list their services through the service provider interface.

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Be Glamorous and Gorgeous Always! - Glamic

Glamic is a mobile application that offers an independent platform to search instantly and conveniently book appointments with trusted freelance makeup artists, hairdressers, stylists, beauty specialists, etc., nearby their location.

The app provides an opportunity for beauty professionals to promote their services seamlessly by setting up their professional profiles on the service provider interface. The app has three user personas: the consumer interface, the service provider interface, and the App admin panel (web).

Where We Started:

The idea behind the Glamic app is to create a pooled connection and link fashion experts and consumers in Canada. The excessive consumption of time, fuel, and impersonal efforts were the main reasons for the emergence of the Glamic app.

However, things have changed a lot after Glamic stepped in; individuals can now avail the services from nearby fashion experts right away by just tapping on the Glamic app to find the listed service providers. A hassle-free journey for consumers and service providers.

The client approached Cubix with this idea, and as usual, Cubix initiated the pre-development phase of Glamic right from scratch by strictly sticking up to the core concept of the client. As the client wanted the app for both the Android and Apple stores, the best option is to opt for the native ground, and so the expert team of Cubix did by choosing React Native as a tech for the front end and Node.js for the backend of the app.

What Client Wants:

  • A functional Native App (Android + iOS)
  • Stunning App Interface
  • Consumer and Service Provider Profiles
  • Onboarding of Authorized Service Provider Professionals
  • Easy consumer accessibility to the service provider listings
  • A Super Admin Panel that manages all kinds of queries/ appointments/ payments
  • Real-time chat connection between consumers and service providers
  • An efficient Payment Module with diverse options

The Challenges Cubix Faces During This Project

  • Restrict this app to the Canadian region exclusively.
  • Managing time zones throughout the app to allow mass multiple consumers from different regions of Canada to see their services and availability times.
  • Sticking to State Laws and Regulations regarding consumer and service provider data privacy.
  • Creating a financial transactions model that handles concerns like payment processing and dispute resolution between service providers and consumers.
  • A Robust rating and review system, background checks, and other measures.

Cubix' Role:

  • Consult and suggest solutions and technologies
  • Creation of the project's roadmap
  • Building the algorithms and actual models
  • Crafting of the overall system architecture
  • Development of the Proof of Concept (PoC).
  • Native Application development
  • Provide project management and quality assurance services
  • Integrations of APIs

Glamic opted for Cubix as they wanted a development partner who understood their goals and shared the same business values. Cubix's role in the development sector was not different; the team of Cubix expressed all that they got in their pace to make this Glamic project shine.

Take a step toward your beauty goals from the comfort of your couch with just a few taps on our app!

Overcoming the Challenges:

As among the top-tier app development firms, Cubix always has a magic wand in the guise of competent developers that wows the clients with the greatest outcomes.

Hybrid Development Approach

Instead of sticking to a linear development approach, Cubix used a Hybrid approach that includes a Waterfall Approach to target the project end date as well as an Agile approach to accept changes and mold the project in any direction at any phase of development.

Tackling Time-zone Clashes

The core challenge was managing time zones throughout the app to enable millions of users from diverse parts of Canada to view their services and availability periods. To address this, developers created an effective model that instructs the system to display the service providers' available hours according to time zone and integrated the Google Map API for geolocation-related issues.

Bridging Communication Gap

Cubix integrated Rocket Chat as a one-on-one end-to-end encrypted chat resource for consumers and service providers, offering chat confidentiality and mitigating misinterpretation to bridge the communication gap.

Payment Disputes

Cubix used the Stripe payment method to manage all types of transactions that took place within the application and created an automated dispute portal to deal with the concerns of payment disputes. Cubix proceeded with a profile-based criterion to provide consumer reviews and ratings to address the trust issues.

What We Delivered

The end product was a devastating native application with a plethora of high-end features, like pre-appointment, personalized schedules, freelancer profiles, online payment facility, in-app real-time chat, admin/consumer/service provider interfaces, reviews, and ratings, making it easy to rely on and recommend. The client was truly enamored and expressed heartfelt kudos to the committed staff at Cubix for their exceptional job.


  • Native Mobile App Development
  • Stunning UI/UX Design
  • Consumer/ Service Provider Interface