An Amalgamation of Maze action gaming and social media

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Likeman is a game designed using Pacman as a point of reference.

It is an amalgamation, involving the basic idea abstracted from this game, and social media, inasmuch as participating in the race for likes. The game aims to deliver a nostalgic experience with a design and progression akin to Pacman, but with some innovation involved.

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Likeman’s Distinctive Features

While Likeman is envisioned based on Pacman, the goal is to offer users its own distinctive attributes. Among some notable features, powerups allows users to freeze an enemy. This is one of its unique features, and at higher game levels, this feature has higher power levels as players contend with more powerful enemies. With various features and their nuances like this, users enjoy a new gaming experience that combines good old memories with the social media element.

Breathing Life into Likeman

Likeman needed implementation, and Cubix was handed charge of building out this idea with its dedicated and experienced team. After reviewing all the technicalities, the team began its work, ranging from designing to building game mechanics.

During this process, the team delivered weekly updates concerning the app’s progress so that the UI, characters, sounds, and every other important detail was according to the client’s expectations.

Participate in the race for likes with an innovative and riveting game

Collaboration with Cubix

Cubix quickly built a robust and agile team that could understand the complexities involved with creating Likeman. They aligned an agile team with game development expertise. This team laid out appropriate strategies and frameworks for leveraging the idea of work via Slack.

Current Status

Though the deadline for the project was six months, Cubix delivered Likeman in 5 months. With proper planning and strict deadlines, the game awaits final approval for deployment.