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6 Jun, 2022


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The gaming industry has a large and diverse audience. No other industry has experienced as much growth as gaming development. Every technological trend has been warmly welcomed by the game development community. It can provide a thrilling gaming experience whether you talk about classic Gaming or PS 5 providing AR and VR integration services.

NFTs aren’t just for the arts and events industry. The NFT is revolutionizing the gaming industry and improving the user’s gaming experience. With gaming assets, gaming tokens, and other exclusive playable features, the gaming industry can adopt NFT development. But the question “How to make an NFT game?” is still there!

A game engine is essential for the creation of entertaining games and their user interface. When we develop the game’s most basic concept and scripts, we’ll require a gaming engine. The game engine provides tools and capabilities, as well as assistance in the development of programs that allow users to alter and build their own games. Games based on Unreal Engine will surely get you covered.

What are NFT Play to Earn Games?

P2E, or play-to-earn, is a gaming concept that allows users of a given game to earn cryptocurrencies or crypto NFTs while playing that game. The manner P2E is implemented in those games will vary, but the core concept will still be the same.

This introduces an intriguing and attractive prospect into the combo: the opportunity to earn real money while playing games. Definitely, a desire possessed by plenty of gamers! Some games -allow players to earn tokens or coins that can be used to purchase special characters, equipment, or other resources. These assets would then be able to be traded on an authorized marketplace and sold to other gamers for actual -money. Soon, you will be getting an answer to “How to make an NFT game?”

Let’s have a look at a real-time example. Axie Infinity is probably the most well-known NFT gaming platform. It’s a prime example of a P2E game in which the more you play, the more rewards you can earn. Furthermore, Axies, the game’s digital species, can be sold as non-fungible tokens on various non-fungible token exchanges. Doing so allows you to earn real cryptocurrency in exchange for the in-game assets you use! Finally, let’s see the working and “How to make an NFT game” process.


In essence, NFT P2E gaming works in two ways: you can either play games to earn perks inside them, or you may earn actual cryptocurrency while you play. While these two strategies appear to be similar, they are in fact quite distinct.

First and foremost, obtaining in-game perks. NFT characters are generally available to unlock, acquire, and utilize within the game on NFT gaming platforms that provide such possibilities. Axie Infinity, as previously said, is an ideal illustration of an in-game reward-providing game.

On the other hand, there are games that allow you to earn cryptocurrency while you play. You will effectively be able to earn in-game cash – tokens – for different activities that you take in these sorts of games. These tokens can then be staked for a chance to win various rewards. NFT characters and valuables are common in play-to-earn crypto games that use this concept of earning. However, the focus is frequently on yield mining and staking features.

Why Use Unreal Engine for Crypto & Blockchain Games?

Users utilize Unreal Engine for Crypto & Blockchain Games for a myriad of purposes. To mention some, consider the following:


Adaptability is one of the most appealing features of the games based on Unreal Engine. Users can access custom-made virtual items, collectibles, and gaming awards using modern UE-based systems. The more immersed gamers get in their own virtual worlds, the more likely they will continue purchasing in-game stuff. In addition, it assists developers in developing a ground-breaking Metaverse environment that interacts with their premium customer base.

Tax Process:

The Unreal Engine also assists ‘play-to-earn’ players in streamlining the taxes procedure. ‘Play-to-earn’ gamers, like all other cryptocurrency users, must report their earnings to the IRS. However, because of its smooth integration of custom-made accounts, UE is able to transform transactions into tax tokens.

Gaming Experience:

Gamers desire a rich gaming experience above all factors, regardless of how or whether they use their non-fungible tokens. In addition, they want a game experience that is on par with today’s most powerful systems. Games based on Unreal Engine are capable of fulfilling this customer requirement.

Examples of Unreal Engine Metaverse Games

Metaverse Game Development:

Using cryptos, blockchain technology, and NFTs, build your all-encompassing virtual economy, allowing users to trade a wide range of things, including virtual residential housing, personalized branded apparel, automobiles, and other valuables through Unreal Engine Metaverse game development.

Metaverse Game Applications:

The highly rich Unreal Engine platform produces fully compatible, engaging, and robust blockchain-based Metaverse game applications specially designed to meet your business and gaming demands using the powerful 3D gaming engine Unreal Engine.

P2E Unreal Engine Metaverse Gaming Model:

Construct a bespoke play-to-earn gaming model for the Metaverse virtual monetary structure that allows gamers to monetize their time invested playing games by asset sales (NFTs) they’ve gained in the game for cryptocurrency.

Which Blockchain to Use with Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine for Ethereum Games

Ethereum crypto-games are a burgeoning and mostly untapped segment of the gaming industry. While no universal definition exists, the term “Ethereum-games” refers to games that store tokens, such as in-game goods, in a distributed ledger cryptocurrency network. This allows gaming things to be traded for cryptocurrency, which can subsequently be converted into real money. In addition, Unreal Engine crypto games are part of the current confluence of digital gaming and business productivity.

Unreal Engine for Solana Games

When NFTs and Play-to-Earn began to appear on the Solana Blockchain, the price of this blockchain was at ground level; Solana Unreal Engine has been the major draw for Blockchain investors in recent months. And, of course, Solana has many benefits to offer, like cheap transaction fees and a fast transaction speed that we don’t often see on Ethereum today.

Unreal Engine for NFTs

NFT developers are now dealing with ownership concerns, royalty payments, copyright infringement, data pack consumption, and graphic design expenditures, to name a few. To avoid these issues, game enablers must choose to create their ‘play-to-earn’ platforms using a reliable and respected creative engine. In this case, the Unreal Engine blockchain is more than adequate. This open-source software has assisted hundreds of adapters in various specialist media and entertainment industries in optimizing their software development processes.

Should Game Developers Use Unreal Engine for Crypto Games?

Unreal Engine Crypto is a collection of tools that enables development teams and video game designers to create realistic, interactive environments on desktop, smartphone, and console portals, as well as in virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), Metaverse, Crypto, Blockchain, and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

Why is Unreal Engine Crypto used in so many of the world’s most popular games? The answer comes in the multiple factors that allow game designers to create the most genuine and action-packed games accessible. The Engine uses physical simulation to create hyper-realistic lighting and shadows in scenes. Create large areas with realistic landscapes and wildlife for gamers to explore. With the Engine’s powerful artificial intelligence technology, you can give non-player characters more depth and richness.

A flexible multiplayer architecture allows game creators to create an engaging platform among players all over the world, in addition to the elements that characterize the graphical grandeur and gameplay intricacy of Unreal Engine-powered games.

How to Get Started with Unreal engine blockchain Games

Unreal Engine is available for free download and comes fully equipped and ready to use right out of the box, with all features and complete source code accessibility. Unreal Engine is free to use for discovering and creating internal projects under the standard EULA; it also allows you to share various commercial solutions. For novices, developing with Unreal Engine is quite straightforward.

You can construct complete games with the Blueprints Visual Scripting system without writing a single line of code! You can instantly get a working model up and running when you accumulate it with a user-friendly interface. Epic produces new versions on a continuous basis, with upgrades, new features, community engagement, and security updates.


The Unreal Engine blockchain has attracted a large number of game developers and artists. Its bucket has a diverse set of tools that allow users to create their own games. It is well known for its extensive and simple customizability, as well as its numerous platform features and tools for simply creating HD AAA games.

Incorporating virtual in-game economy onto the blockchain will almost certainly become the standard in a decade. Cubix Unreal Engine game development services are the way to go if you want to bring your concept to life or shorten the game’s time to market. Not only does the Solana Unreal Engine corporation provide a wealth of tools and capabilities, but it also provides total independence and personalization.

So, are you ready to launch your NFT-Based game using the Solana Unreal Engine? Hire an Unreal game development company to leverage the potential of the growing industry. Contact us today, and we’ll help your productive business take a flight.


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