Cubix University to Go Ahead with Its Premier Internship Program 2021 With All Covid-19 Precautions


9 Apr, 2021


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Final year students are invited to apply for a 2-year Program to experience the Immense Opportunities the IT World Offers

Cubix opens a brilliant opportunity for final year students who will graduate in 2022. The internship program offered under Cubix University, is an exciting opportunity for students to step into the IT world where they will handle real projects. This program is part of the wider Cubix strategy for creating future leaders in digital technology.

Despite the challenging environment within which this internship program is moving ahead, and much to the relief of the future internees, the company has ensured that it will follow all SOPs to ensure the safety of the participants.

Regardless of the ongoing situation, the company doesn’t want its internees to forget what it means to intern at Cubix; it realizes the importance of internees enjoying their experience being a part of the products it builds.

An Ongoing Effort to Build a Polished Team

The openings available comprise various departments that have been engaged in mentoring and inculcating the required knowledge and skills required for our existing 20 internees. With major emphasis on software development, encompassing web and mobile application development, there are 40 live projects running in parallel.

The comprehensive development process inculcated is specifically designed not only to teach internees about the vast field of programming and other domains, but to also help them find their areas of specific interest, which will aid them in choosing the professional direction they want to take.

Students Can Apply for Any Department
They Fit

Cubix University’s internship program includes a wide range of specialist disciplines to challenge an intern’s skills and prepare them in making smarter career choices.

In addition to the educational aspect of the internship, grooming for IT roles is a critical point of focus, wherein various individuals in leadership positions play their role in mentoring the internees. CEO Salman Lakhani plays a pivotal role in this regard, offering direction and leadership.

Cubix – A Digital Product Leader

Cubix is known for its expertise and experience in building robust digital products. Top services by Cubix compound its position, and make it an inspiration for tech followers. In recent times, Cubix has made ardent efforts to remain consistent while working during the Covid pandemic. It continues to work diligently, serving its customers, and supporting its employees.

Being a technology company, Cubix continues to exceed client expectations with groundbreaking digital product solutions. Simultaneously, it also contributes to ensuring that the industry has sufficient skilled individuals. The aim is to lead the industry by training and developing capable resources that will augment the Pakistani workforce and economy.



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