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Usman Ahmed

21 Aug, 2019


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According to Microsoft, over 190 million users across 200,000 organizations are using SharePoint services and the number is exponentially growing, all the more reasons for you to read the article. Think of it as a collaborative platform, integrated with Microsoft Office to help share and manage content, applications, and information.

SharePoint services were first launched in 2001 as a platform that manages and stores documents. Today, Microsoft SharePoint solutions are globally recognized for its dynamic efforts to streamline teamwork, effortless collaboration across platforms, and high-end configuration.

This article explores SharePoint in detail and helps businesses in leveraging it for unrivalled industry growth.

Should You Invest in SharePoint Development?

If you are still questioning whether to opt for SharePoint consulting or not, then go ahead and read the section below!

Streamline Business Processes

SharePoint services are the key to organizing and streamline business processes. It helps develop and maintain consistency across channels. It organizes information in one place so you can easily access it whenever required, saving time and efforts. You can now work with the best offshore company for your SharePoint project!

Integration with Microsoft

It presents all your day-to-day applications in once package with easy access via a single link. These apps include MS Office, MS PowerPoint, Outlook, Web Conferencing, to name a few. You don’t need to individually open each app or duplicate information when you have SharePoint.

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Transparency in Organization

Microsoft SharePoint solutions serve as business tools that offer full transparency across the organization. Since the middle man or platform is eliminated, it becomes easier to manage internal data security. Also, SharePoint comes with an in-built audit functionality which ensures effective monitoring.

Document Management

SharePoint services simplify the process of segregating, organizing, and maintaining documents by function, security requirements, and more. Effective organization of content makes it easier to find documents instantly. Nevertheless, it consolidates Google Drive, DropBox, Box.com, and other laptop documents in a single source.

High-End Security

Microsoft SharePoint services enhance the security of apps with additional five layers of proactive security that helps monitor customer data and keep it safe. Nobody offers better security than Microsoft.

Also, it is financially endorsed by SLA (Service Level Agreement).

SharePoint Products

Microsoft SharePoint solutions include a range of products and technologies, each with different objectives:

SharePoint Server

Organizations can benefit from the latest features by subscribing to an Office 365 Enterprise package or by deploying and managing Microsoft SharePoint services on-premises.

SharePoint Servers includes the features of SharePoint Foundation, along with other features including modern web parts and authoring, modern site pages, modern search, modern libraries, SharePoint home page, MS Flow, and Power BI.

SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online is a cloud-based service, compatible with startups, small and medium-sized businesses, and enterprises. Hosted by Microsoft, it saves you the hassle of installing and deploying SharePoint Server on-premises, you can subscribe to SharePoint Online service or simply subscribe to Office 365.

It makes it easier to create sites for sharing content with customers, partners, and colleagues. Here are some of the best tools for developing excellent software solutions.

SharePoint Foundation

As the name suggests, SharePoint Foundation is the ground technology for all SharePoint products. It is free for any on-premises deployment but works only with SharePoint Server 2013.

If your work involves creating different types of sites to collaborate on documents, calendars, lists, and webpages, then SharePoint Foundation is a fair choice.

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SharePoint Designer 2013

You can use SharePoint Designer 2013 to build workflow-enabled solutions. It was launched in 2013 and is absolutely free to use. You may edit external data via the platform.

OneDrive for Business Sync

It’s a desktop program to sync documents from OneDrive or from a team site to business computers for offline use.

We Help You Grow

We have been closely monitoring SharePoint since it was launched. The immense potential of Microsoft SharePoint services in helping businesses expand. Cubix has over 10 years of experience in building robust solutions and we replicate our unrivaled excellence in your projects.

With SharePoint services, Cubix enhances your productivity by automating manual routine work, saving time and efforts. Not only does it reduce workflow and boost on-site performance but also eliminates possibilities of errors.

At Cubix, we develop exciting SharePoint portals for unbelievably comfortable collaboration within the company. We bring together exceptional security, world-class user interface, and smart data structuring. We also made it to the list of Top App Design and Development Companies and the top enterprise software development company.

Are you ready to level up with SharePoint services? Let’s talk today!


Usman Ahmed

Usman Ahmed works as the Digital Marketer at Cubix, a Florida, based software Development Company. He is an experienced marketer and passionate about the latest technologies. He comprises a broad experience and frequently writes on topics related to mobile apps, Blockchain technology, SharePoint, E-commerce, and others.


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