Express Your Gratitude with GForward this Thanksgiving!

Zen Ameer

18 Nov, 2022


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Express Your Gratitude with GForward this Thanksgiving

Did you know that your dopamine levels get a boost with every act of kindness on your part?

It turns out that human beings are designed this way. Perhaps that’s because we were intended to give back, spread goodness, and help people less fortunate than ourselves.

And all this falls into place with a deep sense of gratitude and thanks for all that is bestowed upon us. Out of a multitude of ways through which you can play your part, how about a cool and convenient way of getting your dopamine boost?

Cubix built GForward, an app that lets you help people, and also get you that dopamine up.

You walk away feeling good and grateful for the opportunity to have helped someone. The recipient will also surely be grateful for your help.

And there’s definitely something about giving that makes you feel especially good at Thanksgiving

But what is it about this celebratory feast emphasizing the act of giving, being thankful, and exercising gratitude?

Deep down, everyone loves a wholesome meal and all the wining and dining that goes along with a scrumptious turkey at the center of their table. Even the family critic won’t miss it for the world.

But, it is so much more than a family or community get-together for a meal. Yes, it is about giving thanks, rejoicing, and expressing gratitude for what we have in various forms.

From an ecclesiastical standpoint and through ancient scriptures, Thanksgiving marks an expression of gratitude for the Harvest. This celebration was about divine reward for people remaining pure in their intentions and toiling extensively.

The alternative spiritual definition may have a broader approach. It may be described as an act that opens a single universal door that beckons to each being, inching you ever-so-closely toward the divine.

Despite the different angles that each one may have, you can easily discern the common thread of gratitude; it opens treasures beyond the mundane. It is for the wise to inwardly digest – for if you have eyes, then see; if you have ears, then listen.

Patience is a Virtue – Gratitude Drives Tranquility

Throughout records of recent days gone by, as well as through ancient manuscripts, the human race has been given the key to a kingdom with immense goodness and possibility.

Written and verbal records passed down through the ages have unlocked a priceless treasure trove of fortune through the intention and act of gratitude.

This cuts across cultures, races, economies, and a multitude of other perceived societal denominations.

In the most mundane terms, we are told: be grateful, count your blessings, and be thankful, among many others. Now why do you suppose that is so?

Sure, all this is ingrained in most people’s minds thanks to their teachers and parents, but even spiritualists tell us the same thing.

On the face of it, you could argue that it is a way subduing the masses; but you will truly find yourself simmering down when you exercise a few words of gratitude. It certainly does have a calming effect; but much more than this, communities and wider societies that practice it seem to be more peaceful and satisfied.

Proponents of this sacred emphasis believe that’s a logical effect of being grateful – if you’re grateful, you automatically demonstrate better manners. Even a stray cat or dog will be tamer when it’s grateful for a few morsels you feed it.

What Life Coaches Tell Us About Expressing Gratitude

People who make conscious gratitude a regular practice tend to be more patient. Pundits of these sorts of determinations often predicate these notions on metaphysical grounds or similar reasoning. But we’d rather not get tangled up in all of that despite their plausibility.

On the flip side; across many centuries, human civilization is thought to have brought damnation upon itself for ingratitude. In contrast, those that have remained grateful have been rewarded many times over. The literature on this is staggering.

But more than the practice, celebrating it takes the experience to a whole new level. While some may pass this off as a routine celebration, it is upheld as a day of obligation in many countries.

Thanksgiving celebrations have a traceable history and can be pinpointed to a multitude of texts and recorded history. It is celebrated with fervor and joy. Surely, there are critics, but there are thousands more who celebrate it, and those that do, act as supporting pillars to their communities in terms of shedding light on its purpose.

So, as we prepare for perhaps the most exciting time of the year in the run-up to the winter holiday season in the northern hemisphere, we wish to express our gratitude for what we have harvested this year as a result of honest efforts and sincere intentions.

Along with that, you can express your gratitude by using the GForward app to reach out and help someone in need of groceries, perhaps for their own Thanksgiving meal.

We wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and hope that you enjoy this precious time with your near and dear ones.


Zen Ameer

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