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Urooj Zehra

31 Jul, 2017


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Enlighten us about your educational and professional experience/history.

I completed my engineering from Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology in Karachi, Pakistan and then went on to pursue my Masters from the University of Sunderland, UK. I began my professional journey as a Project Associate in the UK with Start-Up offering services in Web and Mobile Application development.

When I arrived back to Pakistan in 2011, I joined VectraCom as Product Specialist. VectraCom’s services included providing VAS (Value Added Services) and Mobile Applications to Telecom Companies in South-east Asia and MENA region.

Joined 10Pearls as Project Manager in 2014. Loved every bit working with 10pearls, where 10pearls Management and PMO gave enough opportunity to learn and excel professionally. Got a chance to work with a great and supportive team. Enjoyed International travelling during my stay in both VectraCom and 10pearls. Joined Cubix as Snr. Project Manager in 2017. The culture and energy in Cubix is outstanding. Love being a part of this organization where the Management believes in one’s capabilities and provides an open opportunity to utilize our experience and bring about the best results possible. Flexible people and appreciate the respect given by sub-ordinates.

What aspects of your previous position did you find professionally challenging?

My previous position was new and different when compared to what I previously learned in my career. The processes and pace with which the work/development is followed was always a challenge to which every Project Manager strives for on daily basis. Planning to achieving deadlines, communicating with clients and escalations to all stake holders when needed, with scrutiny reports on project cycles was one thing which helped us excel but also learned from the failures.

Now that you are a part of Cubix team, what areas would be most easy and challenging for you in this role?

With prior experiences, I’d have the advantage of running large scale projects with ease in parallel to managing Associate Project Managers and helping them out with their daily project/resource related issues.

Challenges are always good as it provides us with the opportunity to learn something new every-day. At Cubix, I believe with the sort of responsibility in this position; the most challenging part is to keep everything transparent in terms of Projects and Resource Performances. This requires to be achieved in a way that the resources feel motivated rather than pressurized which always results in a better outcome. Another Challenge I see is the introduction of new processes which will require ample time to get everyone on board following the processes.

Give me an example of a very complex problem or issue you have faced. How did you solve the problem?

Recently I was involved in a project that required me to perform a scrutiny, the result of this scrutiny showed that the project was incomplete with missing deadlines and scope deliverables. My analysis indicated that the reason was because the initial team involved in the project was no longer part of the organization, and knowledge transfer or proper handover of the project was not conducted. I had to immediately jump in and come up with the strategy to minimize the risk of losing the Client with finalizing the development in parallel to meet the expectations.

The Solution: I gave myself a couple of days to begin with the initial Kickoff documentation and follow all the discussions/available documents to come up with a final version of the Scope document. Getting its estimations and timelines calculated. Motivating and planning with the resources on how we could put in extra & smart efforts to get it done.

Then, getting all the stake holders internally on same page of the actual status and estimated time to finalize the project. Began providing status updates of the project to the client with weekly releases which helped the client track progress and plan execution and release of the project. And finally, we managed to pull of the project and exceed the client’s expectations.

What particular skills or experiences make you the best match for this position?

With many years of experience in IT Application development having the attributes to accept challenges, helped successfully in providing technical support, project management and successful deliveries. Ability to achieve results through hard & smart work with reliability is the mantra I follow for success. I always try to measure, evaluate and monitor Customer Satisfaction on a regular basis so as to achieve project success and high recommendations.

Few of the skill-sets I focus on are: Project Management, Business Analysis, Project estimations, Planning and Documentations, Client Meetings & Technical Correspondence, Communication (both verbal and written), Leadership, Negotiation.

In what ways could you contribute to this job?

One area where I can help the company in is planning and implementing processes which can help further optimize and minimize project cycle issues. Also, I can help train Associate Project Managers in areas where they can shine and produce result in quality.

The other area, with almost 5 years of experience working on Web/Mobile App projects with Middle Eastern clients, I can help the company in managing ME projects and clients with ease in comparison to other available Project Managers

Joining Cubix, what aspect thrills you the most?

One Word ‘Empowerment’

What would be your dream job?

To manage different teams in parallel and be a part of the organization’s committee which plans the company growth. Passionate about Project Management and helping teams achieve mutual targets.

Do you see this position as a final destination or a stepping stone?

I don’t believe in considering a place to be a stepping stone. It’s just not professional or at least to me. You should not join or accept a position if you don’t believe in the people you are intending to work with in the first place.

Tell us about a time when you were intensely motivated at work

I am always motivated. I am very passionate about my work. But, each time I see the company grow, I know that it was possible because of the efforts from the entire team – this really makes me happy and motivated.

Would you rather be the captain of the team, the MVP, the unsung hero, or a “solid teammate”? Why?

I would prefer to be the captain of the team with the essence of a solid teammate.Project Management is not only about how you manage and plan a project but also how you handle/motivate and organize a team in order to get the best result output. And this is what I do.

Describe a time when your professional know-how/ knowledge was put to a crucial test.

The time when one of my large scale Project was delivered on agreed timelines but the Client stopped responding and after some efforts to get them connected, they started providing loads of feedback which was supposed to be delivered during phase releases. In any case, during that situation I had to travel internationally to this client and get a sign-off on the project which was one of the toughest tests.

Give an example of the most detail-oriented positions you have had.

As Product Specialist working in VectraCom. Analyze competitive marketplace and industry trends to accordingly develop business strategies for revenue generation.Provide support for marketing collateral, advertising materials, marketing campaigns, trade-shows and other promotional activities.

You may have heard the term ‘emotional intelligence’ before. What does it mean to you to have ‘emotional intelligence’ in a work setting?

In my opinion emotional intelligence is the key to both personal and professional success. Being a Leader and having walked the same professional path as your juniors, you understand exactly what they’re facing, their capacity, control, and the way they express emotions in certain situation. This is where you can help them handle emotions while making them comfortable with the situation and guide them to get through difficult circumstances. Being a mentor is another important element that is involved here.

In your experience, is it better to confront difficult situations, or to not “stir things up”?

For me, we should always confront difficult situations and to think of a best possible solution within given resources and time. As there’s a saying that ‘Good times become memories and bad times become good lessons’. So there is always a learning curve involved, and confronting difficult situations helps us handle similar circumstances with a better strategy the next time it occurs.

Whom do you idealize? How do you take admiration?

Steve Jobs and Stephen Hawking. Nothing stopped Steve Jobs in achieving his vision despite being removed from his own company at one time. Stepped up and came back with more energy. Changed the tech world as we see now. Stephen Hawking, a brilliant mind. Despite of his physical conditions, nothing stopped him in achieving his goals and changed the concept of this world as we see now. In both cases, it gives us a lesson to never lose hope and keep on fighting the winds against you till you get to the point where you want to be.

In your opinion, which place is best to live in?

I have lived in UK, Saudia/Dubai and Now in Pakistan. I loved living in UK, but in the end there’s no place like home which is definitely Pakistan.

How would you sum up ‘Joy’?

‘Joy is a net of love by which you can catch Souls’ – Mother Teresa


Urooj Zehra

Urooj Zehra is the HR Manager of Cubix, Inc. She has over 5 years of experience in recruiting, staffing and managing operations.


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