NFT-based gaming is a “vital part” of the future


20 Dec, 2021


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NFT based gaming

The NFT and blockchain segments in gaming are gaining momentum and show no signs of slowing down. The NFT gaming industry is gaining popularity every day, even drawing in people unfamiliar with the idea of cryptocurrency.

Developers and game enthusiasts are enthusiastic about the possibilities of NFT gaming and are exploring new approaches.

  • “I think the P2E or NFT conversation is still really, really early,” said Andrew Wilson, EA’s CEO. “There’s quite a bit of conversation and at some level, and a lot of hype about it.”
  • Wilson further said that companies are still trying to figure out how this kind of gaming would work but also mentioned that “FIFA” players, at least, were interested in NFTs.

Are NFTs set to revolutionize industries everywhere?

NFTs Won’t Just Revolutionize Art, Sports, and Videogames – They’re Shifting the Future of Employment. Yeah, you heard it right. So, let’s take a peek at how NFTs benefit corporations, startups, and employees worldwide.

Privacy-conscious people can use NFTs that provide robust privacy guarantees to handle the privacy of their personal data and confidential information. For example, for users to view their files, an NFT decryption code is required, which allows them to view only, not edit. This will enable users to share confidential information without risking security.

Between the lines: NFT gaming allows players to own and sell virtual land and characters.

  • Since blockchain’s appearance, Ubisoft has been researching the technology’s potential to overcome its initial limitations associated with sustainability and scalability. Ubisoft CEO, Yves Guillemot, says the company wants to play a vital role in blockchain gaming. He also stated, “This industry is regularly changing with lots of new revolutions happening, and we consider blockchain as one of those revolutions.”
  • Leading marketplace, Valve, has banned NFTs on Steam. In addition, Steam began notifying developers it would be removing blockchain games from its platform, including “Age of Rust,” as noted by a blockchain game developer. On the other hand, Epic says it has no qualms about including blockchain-based games on its platform.
  • Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, said that, “Games using blockchain technology are accepted on Epic Games Store provided they adhere to the relevant law, provide disclosures, and are rated by an appropriate organization.”
  • Take Two’s CEO is disinterested in the metaverse but enthusiastic about NFTs. The advantages of NFTs gaming and cryptocurrencies are speculative, but their drawbacks are real. Hence, NFTs must be legitimate, not just speculative.

Enough Hype, now what’s next? As more developments in NFT gaming come to light, more significant investments should be expected.

  • Andreessen Horowitz led a $150 million Series C round for Sherman Oaks-based Mythical Games. Having raised $1.25 billion in capital less than four months after its Series B, Mythical is now classified as a unicorn.

“Everything can be gained or lost” – why are experts skeptical about NFTs?

Leveraging DappRadar’s Industry Report, you can take a deep dive into the latest blockchain trends, using metrics and data to understand current trends. As mainstream media coverage grows, fashion brands like D&G, Burberry, and Gucci enter the market. On September 27th, D&G sold a digital collection featuring new pieces for $5.65 million, while Burberry announced an essential collaboration with Blankos Block Party.

Enthusiasm in NFTs is rife, and the industry is only in its infancy. Experts believe this technology has the potential to shift the trajectory of nearly every industry.



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