Propel Your Dream Project with a Remote Engineering Team

Mirza Aasam Baig

21 Apr, 2023


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Propel Your Dream Project

Most businesses do not plan to deliver mediocre products, yet we see only a handful of products that are truly remarkable. Why is there a disparity between what businesses aim for and what they actually deliver?

There’s definitely something missing in the middle. What is it?

It’s Execution, and that often comes down to development expertise and your budget.

When it comes to delivering outstanding digital products, it all comes down to collaborating with the right talent, and that is what this blog will shed light on.

Hiring mobile app developers – what options does a business have?

There are typically three ways to answer the question of how to hire mobile app developers.

In-House App Development As A Preference

When choosing to create your app in-house, be prepared to spend a lot of money on development – including compensating your developers, buying and maintaining hardware, paying for the space used for the endeavor, and expenditure incurred on other utilities.

Hence, if apps are not your primary offering, and you just need one to enhance a certain aspect of your business, then in-house development might not be for you.

Does Hiring Freelancers Hand You The Expertise You Need?

Hiring app developers on a freelance basis is an excellent idea if your app development project isn’t too big. Try looking for a capable freelancer with an impressive portfolio who can create a great app quickly and within your budget.

The cost of developing a mobile app must be established before work on the project begins since hourly rates fluctuate.

But you can’t depend on one individual to see things through to completion. Everything else will be contracted out to independent contractors, including design, coding, quality control, and team management.

Also, you should be prepared for some delays in your job owing to a lack of coherence caused by the disparity in talent levels.

The Merits of Hiring Remote Engineers

An excellent method to utilize the best talent in the industry and keep your project under a budget is by hiring remote app developers. Remote engineers can save you more than 50% of what you would ordinarily pay an in-house engineering team.

Yet, there are a number of challenges, from time zone disparities to communication difficulties.
When you opt for a remote hiring solution and choose to hire mobile app developers through a renowned company, you will have the assurance of high quality and prompt delivery.

Obstacles to overcome when developing an app

In the modern world, companies compete to provide the most purposeful digital goods by following market dynamics. Due to the ease of using and accessing mobile applications, accessibility to hiring a mobile app development company, and the rising demand for them, brand VCs have started considering app development to be a worthy investment.

Furthermore, by 2025, it is expected that mobile application revenue would total $613 billion. However, this opportunity is not without challenges. Here are the obstacles and challenges, and threats that business has to tackle when developing a mobile app.

Align A Suitable Development Team

When you hire mobile app developers without following the correct guidelines, you are risking your app’s performance and functionality.

Your developers ought to be well-versed in technology. Selecting a development team with less expertise might result in greater difficulties. Making the incorrect choice might cost you dearly.

Device Compatibility Will Determine Outcomes

Businesses should make sure that functional effectiveness is high. Also, they must work with all platforms and devices. The same concept must be replicated for creating apps for every platform the company aims to target. This broadens an app’s audience and aids in its ascent to the top-used position.

An app may not succeed if it doesn’t meet all of these requirements. The outdated sizing and unhelpful error-solving features are challenging for users. You should pay attention to each app’s dimensions, size resolution, and pixels to avoid such problems.

Feature Sets And Budgeting

You must consider the costs of creating the app you desire and contrast it with the budget you are willing to allocate. Consequently, if you don’t have enough money, having only a solid mobile app concept won’t cut it. The intricacy of your app will determine how much it will cost to design a mobile app.

One of the main difficulties in developing mobile apps is determining the costs involved and raising the necessary money. There are several ways to obtain funding, including loans, investors, and joint ventures.

Remote Hiring Process For Mobile App Developers

Hiring the right developers for your project is an exhausting process. Let’s look at some of the key aspects to make it convenient and worthwhile:

Setting Development Goals

When deciding how to get in touch with app developers, you must proceed with clearly defined objectives. Conducting thorough research related to your app is going to be helpful.

Included in this, is the app’s category and pricing structure (paid or free). Software that is completely free also has unique features available to premium users in the paid version.

Having clear goals will minimize the chances of misunderstanding, and ensure that the development process proceeds smoothly.

Planning The Budget

Navigating the cost of hiring an app developer is at the heart of any application development business. Depending on whether you’re hiring an app developer for iOS or Android, you’ll need to plan your budget. But the good news is that you can hire remote developers at quarter of the cost compared to hiring an in-house resource.

However, you still need to have a detailed breakdown of your app’s hourly development cost. It makes sense to build up the app development budget depending on their experience and competence after you understand how to employ a remote app developer.

The Takeaway

Businesses have a lot to gain from delivering exceptional mobile applications. But to do so, they require the right talent. This blog gives a detailed breakdown of the most important aspects of collaborating with developers, to deliver top-quality apps.

When it comes to creating top-tier apps, you must look to partner with a development company with an impressive portfolio, the right technical expertise, and an innovative approach – a company like Cubix.

We rely on the latest cutting-edge technologies to deliver customized solutions to businesses across various industries. Partner with Cubix to propel your dream project toward completion.


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