Technology Propels Liberty – A Valentine’s Day Reminder

Zen Ameer

14 Feb, 2023


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Technology Propels Liberty

Not everyone who wears a cape is a superhero. Some are mortal heroes with virtues most superheroes can’t match.

Such people remain treasured in history’s memory, and their legacy remains untarnished across centuries. They live on in our hearts and minds, reminding us of our duties and nature.

This February 14, we commemorate one of history’s most virtuous martyrs, who broke the law and faced tyranny to uphold righteousness.

A Law that Paralyzed Kinship

Many centuries ago, in the Roman Empire, when liberty was a privilege not everyone enjoyed, a decree was passed that banned Holy Matrimony. The incredible demand was rooted in the premise that this would compel more men to join the ranks on battlefields since they wouldn’t have a spouse and children to hold them back.

Not many raised their voice in objection. Who would dare stand up to Claudius II? Doing so would only earn you a few dozen lashes or the ultimate price. But life was not worth living this way, for human beings are social animals who must experience the fuel of life; social interaction, encompassing love, friendship, etc. Without love, life is meaningless.

Life Minus Humanity Casts a Dark Shadow

An absence of humanity was perhaps never experienced in greater magnitude prior to the ban on marriage. Yet, it was Bishop Valentine who stood up for people at a time when communication was snail-paced, and there was no information technology, no social networks, etc., anywhere near to what we enjoy today.

Let’s not forget, Draconian laws make their way to implementation in the modern world too, but most of us get to know about such things in minutes, thanks to mass media and social media. But there was nothing of this kind on Valentine’s side when his efforts to help people enter into Holy Matrimony were leaked to a dictatorial regime.

The Price Some Pay for Freedom

Once exposed for his noble efforts, Bishop Valentine’s life was snuffed out, with no one to raise their voice for him. As his martyrdom remains a historical fact, and true heroes never really suffer demise, let this beatitude ring out:

“Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

Many years later, Bishop Valentine was canonized as a Saint, and rightly so.

Pondering all of this in modern times makes us realize how fortunate we are to be alive at a time when we have the technologies to facilitate human-to-human communication like never before.

Among a dozen other means of measuring our fortune, the way that social media has impacted our lives hands us a unique perspective. One post can be broadcast across the world in seconds.

Technology Can Enhance Your Life with Love, Happiness, and Satisfaction

In troubled times, social networks have helped critical causes, and have done wonders for people far and wide.

Among an array of network applications that bring people together, we have a few that speak volumes of the need for human beings to be closely connected to help one another and express faith in ourselves and others.

After all, love is far more encompassing; it comprises a deep sense of compassion, belonging, empathy, and friendship, even purely platonic. This is why Valentine’s Day has evolved to include everyone, although it did emanate from the matrimonial

Kinship, Friendship, and Love – Ideals that Saint Valentine Embodied

Today, we’re able to mention some really cool applications available near you that are based on empathy and friendship as core elements that drive human communication.

Pausetive is an organizational management system designed and built to manage time and organizational workflows efficiently. It helps users attain better work-life balance that improves mental health and office operations.

Some apps are adventure-driven, such as PartyShark, a social networking app tailor-made for young partygoers comprising the very best features that allow youngsters to maximize enjoyment.

Using this app is similar to subscribing to a club of your choice based on your particular taste, where you’ll meet a lot of like-minded people. This is how you may make new friends. This adds value to your life.

We also have Glimmer designed to encompass your family, loved ones, friends, and extended social circle. A social networking app for people with disabilities, allowing people to socialize, find people with similar disabilities whom they can communicate with, and build communities.

Now this is truly an app that reflects the deepest attributes and spirit of Valentine’s legacy; it allows you to remain considerate of the feelings of those who care about you by letting them receive an update about your safety in the event of a crisis.

Finally, we have Curious, a social media networking app designed to grow your circle of friends. It is described as a revolution in the world of digital socializing, where it offers users a platform to express themselves with complete anonymity.

Freedom to Connect, Free Expression, and Higher Life Quality

It’s often the case that when you’re venturing out to experience life that you somehow find something that takes you on a path that’s meant for you. And that’s not to be taken lightly.

We often take for granted what is free and available easily, never realizing the price of such freedom that millions of others never enjoy.

Many millions, like you and me, may enjoy all those chocolates, candies, and sweet treats with fabulous gifts that are all part of this trillion-dollar industry. However, we can look back and reflect on the times when people were deprived of love and closeness with their loved ones.

So, this Valentine’s Day, let’s celebrate the privileges and freedom we enjoy at perhaps the best time in history to be alive.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Zen Ameer

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